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Speed Up Entity Framework

Do you want to speed up the performance of your Entity Framework project? Jonathan Magnan has an extention for Entity Framework doing precisely that. Check it out at

What does it do? In short it reduces the number of round trips from your app server to the database server when executing you Create, Update, or Delete operations.

The extension essentially creates a temporary table on your database server, populates the temporary table with the necessary data using high speed bulk copy operations, and makes  a single database call to merge the changes from the temporary table to the permanent table.  Benchmarks show dramatic improvement. The extension is self defined, much like entity framework, so little coding is required.

You can read a summary of the tool in an online interview.
You can try the extension for free, but there is a licensing cost should you wish to continue using it. You can write your own, of course. I have done so with custom DAL solutions. It takes a little longer to write, but actually has a little performance increase.
Take a look and tell us what you think by adding to the conversation here.