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When to Quite Readers Comments

Here's a response from Dilip on the topic of knowing when to quit:
1. There is a famous saying that "Your Cognizance never Increases; it is your  incognizance that diminishes".
    So, we all are with serious limitations in many aspects and software is no exception.
2. If you do not indulge in "I am the only smart Alex in the world" syndrome then everything is simple.
3.  Personally, I believe in and preach and practice; that I am a lifetime student who still makes mistakes in spite of 30 years of
     varied experience. 
4. So what is wrong in asking a so called Junior, if he knows a given subject and can give me a solution!
5. The software world is truly that of constant exchange of information and  co-operation and learning and Un-Learning is an ongoing process.
6. Most importantly, we should not forget that we have to solve the problem of a client.
    Who actually solves within the organization is irrelevant and inconsequential.
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