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Hinky Pinky

My family loves to play with words. We do a lot of puns, rhymes, poems, and other fun stuff. This year we are doing Hinky Pinkies in a thanksgiving contest.

“What is a Hinky Pinky?”,  you may ask. A Hinky Pinky consists of two rhyming words with two syllables. If a word only has one syllable it is called a Hink Pink. If it has three syllables it is called a Hinkity Pinkity. What makes a Hinky Pinky interesting is that you have to guess what it is from a description.

For example, here is a Hink Pink:
What do you call a man who doesn’t talk much? A Shy Guy. 

I’ve been thinking about putting together some Hinky Pinkies specific to software and programming. Here are a few ideas:
  • What do you call a method that performs math? A Crunchin’ Function
  • What do you call a quick delete program (Hink Pink)? A Fast Blast
  • What do you call an even quicker delete program (hinky pinky)? A Faster Blaster
  • What are two common queueing techniques? LIFO FIFO
  • What do you call a better algorithm that refreshes your screen? A Faster Raster
  • What mode are you in when you are not debugging a program? Code Mode
  • What do you call an interface to a Soccer Channel? A Sport Port

Well, you get the picture. I’m sure you can come up with better examples. How about leaving one or two of your ideas in a comment. Or, just drop them in an Email to, and I’ll try and compile them for later.
Have a fun day.