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The Software First Setup

Recently, while attending a local PASS presentation,  I had a conversation with a young person who was building their skills as a SQL Server DBA. Their company is growing and their desire to use technology efficiently has been identified as an important component of that growth.

Their company has purchased a licensing program with Microsoft providing them with SharePoint. Management has requested my new colleague to determine how to build a BI platform using their new SharePoint software. My colleague was sharing how they felt completely overwhelmed, which I think is a reasonable position.

The problem is one many of you have experienced. Instead of being given a problem to solve you are given a tool that can be used to solve problems. Many times these software bundles can end up being a distraction because the company does not already have a compelling reason to acquire or use them.

What would your advice be to this individual? Where should they start? What are the questions they should be asking at this point? What are the pitfalls they need to be sure to avoid?

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