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Unified Auditing - is it ON or OFF in Oracle 12c? Oracle 10/10/2014
MySQL 5.7.5: GROUP BY respects functional dependencies! Open Src  10/10/2014
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SQL> Select * From Alert_XML; XML 10/9/2014
DBMS_UTILITY.EXPAND_SQL_TEXT and temporal validity in 12c Oracle 10/9/2014
End-To-End ADF Cloud Deployment Process Oracle 10/9/2014
To Oracle Database 12c or Not to Oracle Database 12c - Carts and Horses (A reoccurring series - Number two) Oracle 10/8/2014
IBM API Management, much more user-friendly and productive than Oracle API Gateway DB2 10/8/2014
Order, Order.. Sorting Happens Last Oracle 10/7/2014
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The Next Big Thing Oracle 10/6/2014
Prevent the JDeveloper XSL mapper from breaking XML 10/3/2014
About index range scans, disk re-reads and how your new car can go 600 miles per hour! Oracle 10/1/2014
12c Performance Analysis Oracle 10/1/2014
Making the CDB Common User Without Using C## Prefix…. Oracle 9/30/2014
Non-English Character Display in Oracle SQL Developer Oracle 9/29/2014
Demystifying Oracle Unpivot Oracle 9/29/2014