SQL Server: Purging msdb History Tables to Control msdb Database Growth

msdb is a system database that supports SQL Server Agent service, and stores all the information and history about job scheduling, job history, backup and restores, service broker, database mail and other maintenance activity. It is very important to regularly purge the following msdb history tables, because without regular maintenance, these system tables can grow to very large sizes, which results in unexpected growth of msdb database and slow performance during backup and restores and database mail operations. In this article, I'll discuss how we can purge msdb history tables.

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Basit Aalishan Masood-Al-Farooq

Basit Farooq is an internationally known Lead SQL DBA, trainer, and freelance technology writer with nearly two decades of experience of working with the Microsoft technology stack. He has designed, developed and implemented many successful infrastructure database, data warehouse and business intelligence projects on time and within budget.

Basit has authored SQL Server 2014 Development Essentials book, published by Packt Publishing. He was also a technical reviewer for SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Blueprints, authored by Marlon Ribunal and Mickey Stuewe, and Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012, authored by James Serra and Bill Anton, both books were published by Packt Publishing. He has also written numerous articles and training materials related to databases, business intelligence and other areas of technology.

Basit holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from London Metropolitan University and industry-standard certifications from Microsoft, Sun, Cisco, Brainbench, ProSoft, and APM.

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