z/OS Version 1 Release 8 RACF Implementation This is an off-site link.  Please review our Terms of Service for additional information.

(Paul Rogers, Rogerio E. M. Camargo, Gillian Gainsford and Rita Pleus) This release of RACF in z/OS V1.8 continues to deliver industry leadership for security. Improvements that are all intended to help deliver the kind of security-rich environment that has made z/OS an industry leader includes the following enhancements:

RACF support for virtual key rings is intended to treat the collection of all the certificates owned by one user ID, including the SITE and CERTAUTH reserved user IDs, as an independent key ring. The use of the CERTAUTH virtual key ring will be intended to help eliminate the need to manually create multiple real key rings for SSL-enabled z/OS client applications such as FTP.

RACF template extensions are introduced to allow templates to expand beyaond their current 4K size.

RACF supports the use of passwords longer than eight characters, now called password phrases.

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