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SSWUGtv: How can women navigate office politics while staying professional, staying  focused on their career goals, etc?

SSWUGtv: How can women navigate office politics while staying professional, staying focused on their career goals, etc?

SSWUGtv: Today, Steve discusses SQL Server present-day considerations – flash loads and crowds.   SSWUGtv Security Edition: Steve and Patrick discuss using UDF and Triggers for automatic encryption in SQL Server.   SSWUGtv: How do you handle friending requests from your boss? How about  your employees?  

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Your Code Stinks  -  Not all of it. But we all carry code that stinks because it doesn't hurt for the time being. Perhaps there are other fires that are more important. But, you need to track your Code Smells!

Technical Debt  -  Technical Debt is a tool used to develop software when it is most needed. Perfect software delivered too late can be fatal. But software with shortcuts has a cost that must be addressed sooner or later, "Technical Debt."

Time to Get Certified  -  Perhaps things are slow, or you're not currently engaged with work. Maybe it's time to update your certifications?

Using the Microsoft Stack  -  What does it mean when you say you are using the Microsoft Stack? It's different today that it was a few years ago.

Using GPS Data  -  Many electronic devices have GPS capabilities. it seems like the smaller they are, the more likely GPS will be built in. Are we taking advantage of this valuable data?

You're Never Too Old to Learn  -  Even after using a product for decades it is likely that there are still things you don't know; sometimes those things are really small.

Does Internet Fragmentation Bother Your Business?  -  The internet is fragmenting from a worldwide resource into smaller networks due to abusive practices by governments and hackers. Does this fragmentation impact your business?

Sometimes a Delegate Is Enough  -  Writing object oriented code in Dot Net has many different ways to accomplish the same thing. Today I am considering the value of using a Delegate instead of an Interface with multiple classes. Sometimes a delegate simplifies your code.

Code Optimization - How Much is Enough?  -  It doesn't matter if you are optimizing a stored procedure, a query or dot net code, there comes a time when you say, "that will do for now." How much time is enough? Lets take a look at that question today.

Developing Report Models - (Part 1)

In this article, we will identify the components of a report model and then learn how best to use the Report Services tools to develop a report model. We will a...

Guidelines for Multilingual Web Design

Globalization and multiculturalism have redefined online marketing. Consequently, Web design as such must also keep up with the requirements of the present-day ...

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