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SSWUGtv: Should I focus on just one niche customer group initially?

SSWUGtv: Should I focus on just one niche customer group initially?

SSWUGtv: Key Questions to Ask About Data Security   SSWUGtv: How can I grow my business with more services   SSWUGtv: PCI and Data Security in the Cloud  

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Star Schema Warehouse Design  -  Today we continue our journey through different data warehousing strategies, with an overview of the Star Schema.

Data Mart Overview  -  We are reviewing the different data structures often used for data warehousing. Today we are looking at Data Marts.

Reporting Database Designs  -  I have a reader response to the use of data marts asking what a data mart is, and how it differs from other reporting data structures. Let's take a look.

Data Marts are Smart  -  Normalized data is great for data entry. It's not so great for reporting. Data Marts are a good technique to bridge the gap.

Surprising Performance With # Tables  -  I recently assisted a colleague who's SQL Query was performing really slow. Here is a little something you might learn from this exercise.

SQL Server Join Techniques  -  Today I review the ANSII join techniques as implemented in SQL Server in preparation for comparing # Tables to Memory Table Variables.

Reading Data Without Blocking  -  It's nice to read data without having to allow data that hasn't been committed to the database. Checkout the editorial today where I present some research into reading without locks through ADO.Net or Internal SQL Transactions.

Snapshot Isolation Level  -  Snapshot Isolation Level, a new way to read data without locking records in your table, or allowing dirty reads.

SQL Developer Tip  -  Most developers having written SQL code for a while come across the tip to be consistent with the order in which your code interacts with tables. A consistent order of access may reduce locking and blocking contention.

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