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SSWUGtv: Today, Patrick and Steve discuss data security for start ups.

SSWUGtv: Today, Patrick and Steve discuss data security for start ups.

SSWUGtv: The Internet of Things: more risks, better data access, more opportunities.   SSWUGtv: How to fire people... as a small business owner.   SSWUGtv: It\'s odd that people don\'t worry about data security - they really should!  

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Data Merging  -  Managing data changes in relational databases can be an interesting problem. It seems to me many applications have simply given up on trying, and cause a lot of downstream problems.

Speed Up Entity Framework  -  Entity Framework has some performance problems by design, just as most ORM tools do. Today I present an Extension designed for SQL Server that can boost the performance of Entity Framework dramatically.

Modern Database Security  -  Have the needs for security in the relational database changed since the days of two tier applications?

Clients Determine Database Naming Convention  -  In this case, the clients I'm talking about are not those clients of your application. Instead it is that set of technical individuals consuming your database resources directly, such as report writers. Should their took determine the naming convention of your schema?

Names Do Matter  -  Aaron shares his experience with a strong persuasion that good names for database objects are essential for clear communication.

Are Names Important Anymore  -  In the last year I have come across naming conventions I find to be out of the norm. Is it really important?

Convert Array of Strings to PostFix Notation  -  Check out one method for taking an array of strings and translating it to a Postfix formula. Gilles also provides some valuable links for looking into other code techniques to solve this problem of converting an Infix expression into Postfix.

Formula Evaluation - Expression Parsing  -  The step of evaluating a mathematical expression in the form of a string is to break the formula into individual operations and operands. Today we look at one technique.

Formula Evaluation in C#  -  Sometimes we work with formulas stored in a string that need to be evaluated at run time. The formula is stored in a string, and the string is converted to a math formula, and the results evaluated. How do you do this in C#?

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