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SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss data modeling for the DBA

SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss data modeling for the DBA

SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss agile data modeling   SSWUGtv: How do you optimize your career for learning or responsibility?   SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss data architecture challenges.  

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Heads up: SQL Server 2014 SP1 On Hold  -  SQL Server 2014 SP1 was momentarily released, then put on hold.

Staging Tables Optimize SSIS  -  Your SSIS package is really slow. It's hard to troubleshoot. It's hard to determine where the slow parts are in the performance. Perhaps staging tables may help solve the riddle.I recently interviewed for the opportunity to do work for a new company. They were asking a number of questions around performance tuning and opt

Contri buting Factors to Storage Architecture  -  As we have been discussing there are many choices for storage engines. Why do you choose one over the other? Perhaps the reasons may be much less about technical capabilities, or cost, and more about expertise. See what you think.

Where Do You See Biggest Tuning Challenges?  -  Some of our most popular content at the conference ( - on demand now, free), was about performance, tuning and so-on. What challenges to you see?

It's Not About Hierarchical  -  There is more to storage than relational and hierarchical. It's about the infrastructure surrounding it, and the work that needs to be accomplished.

All or Nothing  -  Response to Relational vs. Hierarchical storage was a resounding, no way hosea. We can't go back to hierarchical. We've been there, done that, got the TShirt, and it is old, stained, and worn out. Are they really mutually exclusive?

Hierarchical Storage vs. Relational Storage  -  This is not a new question. As NoSQL data engines emerge, the question gains new traction. However, we were asking this question decades ago regarding Mainframe storage engines. How do you choose today?

Are We Ready Yet?  -  This can be a tough question if you haven't prepared for it. How are you going to know when your product is ready for release?

Hybrid Database Environments  -  Lots of great feedback on building out hybrid database environments. Specifically, those environments with mixed platforms due to app requirements... but there was a twist to the environments too. Spoiler alert: the cloud.

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