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Tune Your Database Before Your Query  -  Query hints are often used to optimize query performance. Efforts made toward tuning your database may provide more value.

CAP Compared with ACID  -  CAP and ACID strategies for database persistence have a lot of overlap. So, what makes them different?

Start with Simplicity  -  Do you ever find you have pet solutions for solving problems. You like them because they are sophisticated, or are very flexible. Is that where we need to start?

A Tip from the Trenches  -  When systems slow down the database is often the first place we look. It's not always the database that is the problem.

Another Database Management Tool - 0xDBE  -  All of the reasonably priced database management software has gone commercial. TOAD was the last to be reasonably priced. JetBrains has 0xDBE in the works. Today it is free in a pre-release form. It might be worth taking a look.

Database Design Process  -  Yesterday I shared the environment I like to use for database design. We had some good comments reminding us that database design is not only a working environment, but a process. Be sure to read the comments. Today I share my preferred process.

Creating an ERD  -  Entity Relationship Diagrams are extremely useful for a larger size team, or complicated projects. As the number of tables grows, so does the importance of a good ERD. How do you create yours. Today I share a little bit about my configuration and design technique.

Triggers - The Good, Bad, and the Ugly  -  I just like the title. Even so, the topic for today is "Triggers". Let's talk about trigger use and abuse.

Use CTEs For Clarity  -  I like to use CTEs (common table expressions) in my SQL code when I need a dynamic view. I find them to be more flexible, and for me, more readable than using inline queries. For you SQL Newbies, this should get you up to speed.

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