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SSWUGtv Security Edition: Patrick Townsend explains whether you should encrypt at the application level or database level.

SSWUGtv Security Edition: Patrick Townsend explains whether you should encrypt at the application level or database level.

SSWUGtv: Today Laura Rose gives tips on how to get a great reference.   SSWUGtv: Today, Steve discusses choosing your IT services best weapons (Office, Google Apps, etc).   SSWUGtv: Today, Steve gives great advice on choosing your best weapons: hosting selection (cloud, on-premise, hybrid) – SQL Server.  

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Don't Neglect the Little Things  -  I recently watched The Fellowship of the Ring with my children and a line from the movie stuck in my head. Come see where my mind was taken as a result of the phrase.

All Azure Queues Are Not Equal  -  Did you know there are different queuing frameworks available in Azure? Follow on to get more information regarding queuing frameworks available, and how they differ.

Message Queues in SQL Followup  -  Greg writes in that he finds using SQL Tables for an Email queue meets his requirements.

Get Your Pooling Right  -  I know I've been on this topic a lot lately. I've been running some performance tests and have some updates to connection pooling. If this is not an are of strength for you, or you think you might benefit from optimizing connection pooling, check this out.

Message Queues in SQL  -  You can use an SQL Server table as an implementation for a message queue. Is this a good practice?

Master Data Confusion  -  Today Maurice (a regular contributor to my column) shares his thoughts on Master Data Management, starting with some confusion.

The Cost of Duplicate Data  -  Mark responds to yesterdays editorial on Master Data Management with experience with companies who work in data silos. According to Mark the cost of dirty data may be very expensive.

Should You Learn Master Data Management?  -  Companies often have multiple sources of the same data. Keeping the data synchronized is difficult. Master Data Management has the goal of maintaining a central point of truth shared with all systems. Is this a skill you should seek for your career?

Retaining Stale Data  -  Companies hate to give up data until the cost in storage cost or performance begins to hurt too much. Can you afford to wait? Are there options available to you?

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