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SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss agile data modeling

SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss agile data modeling

SSWUGtv: How do you optimize your career for learning or responsibility?   SSWUGtv: Steve and Embarcadero\'s Ron Huizenga discuss data architecture challenges.   SSWUGtv: How would you handle an employee resigning during a critical time period?  

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Compliance Auditing  -  In today's world we often have to audit database activity. Simple audits track who modified a record. Complicated audits track modifications to column, and require history on what data a user has accessed. How do you implement and prove compliance for data auditing?

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Big Data Acquisition and Retention  -  How do you determine when to import data into your warehouse, and how long to keep it? The key is statistical relevance. Today I try to clarify the concept a little better.

Statistically Relevant  -  One of the biggest problems when creating a data warehouse is determining what to put in it. Second to that question is, how often do I need to update my warehouse? What do you think; real time, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly?

No SQL Utilization  -  What is the total capacity of your NoSQL solution? What is your current allocation? When are you going to need to increase your capacity? Some of these numbers are easy to get. Others take more effort. In trying to control costs I found it difficult to predict the future simply using tools built into NoSQL.

Cloud Use Changing - Bursting?  -  IBM's Paul Zikopoulos is talking about the cloud as a hybrid, mixed environment is changing. Specifically, how you split up workloads and attack things is changing. What do you think?

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NoSql Meta Data  -  SQL data stores provide Meta Data capabilities by default. Table Record Counts, Structure, and even space allocation are readily available. What about NoSql. Some data stores have none of the above.

Project Implementation Strategies  -  How do you go about putting together a strategy for a computer project implementation? I've seen a number of techniques over time. They can cover selecting technology, establishing a project, or building a team. I think you'll find the few I have shared today quite entertaining, and probably familiar.

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