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SSWUGtv: Where are the most common data security holes?

SSWUGtv: Where are the most common data security holes?

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Are Workflow Patterns New?  -  I'm really enjoying reading the work on Workflow Patterns as published on the net. What I am asking myself is if these are all new patterns, or if they are implementations of existing patterns specific to workflow processes? Maybe I'm just being picky?

Workflow Patterns  -  Much like there are software development patterns for writing code, there are patterns for workflows. These patterns focus more on distribution of work and communication across work units. Still they provide some standardization of principles for workflow design.

Wait and Compare Database Change  -  A popular method of database change distribution is to wait until everything is complete, and then build change scripts by comparing two different databases. While this can work, there are problems associated with this strategy.

Fail Fast/Fail Often  -  Do you want to succeed? Most success is precluded with a lot more failure. Come read more to see what I mean...

Index Merging  -  Many SQL Engines have built in Index Merging as part of query optimizing. An engine will join the results of two indexes and gather data based on the intersection of the two indexes. This can be a good thing. Sometimes the optimizer ignores this option. Sometimes it doesn't work well. Read on for more information.

Testing Mobile Applications  -  Are you finding it difficult to test mobile applications? Perhaps we can get a dialog going here wrapped around testing in the mobile environment.

The Future of the OLTP Developer  -  Is the need for OLTP development going to be strong in the near and long term future? Should we start transitioning to other aspects such as BI?

Disk Hackers  -  Disk hackers are not individuals hacking the contents of your disk. They are nefarious organizations modifying the controller on your hard disk, hacking the activities performed on your computer. What should you know? What should you do about it?

When Reporting Is Not An Option  -  Many OLAP databases require some form of reporting in order to be useful. However, that reporting can impact the performance of the activity they were designed to perform. Now what do you do?

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