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CAP Compared with ACID  -  CAP and ACID strategies for database persistence have a lot of overlap. So, what makes them different?

Start with Simplicity  -  Do you ever find you have pet solutions for solving problems. You like them because they are sophisticated, or are very flexible. Is that where we need to start?

A Tip from the Trenches  -  When systems slow down the database is often the first place we look. It's not always the database that is the problem.

Another Database Management Tool - 0xDBE  -  All of the reasonably priced database management software has gone commercial. TOAD was the last to be reasonably priced. JetBrains has 0xDBE in the works. Today it is free in a pre-release form. It might be worth taking a look.

Database Design Process  -  Yesterday I shared the environment I like to use for database design. We had some good comments reminding us that database design is not only a working environment, but a process. Be sure to read the comments. Today I share my preferred process.

Creating an ERD  -  Entity Relationship Diagrams are extremely useful for a larger size team, or complicated projects. As the number of tables grows, so does the importance of a good ERD. How do you create yours. Today I share a little bit about my configuration and design technique.

Triggers - The Good, Bad, and the Ugly  -  I just like the title. Even so, the topic for today is "Triggers". Let's talk about trigger use and abuse.

Use CTEs For Clarity  -  I like to use CTEs (common table expressions) in my SQL code when I need a dynamic view. I find them to be more flexible, and for me, more readable than using inline queries. For you SQL Newbies, this should get you up to speed.

SQL Server Feature Bloat  -  Microsoft has focused on the management and monitoring of the SQL Server platform more than anything else that is visible to the user in the last few releases. All the monitoring and statistical gathering continues to bloat our databases more than ever.

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