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SSWUGtv: How do I co-exist with other vendors?

SSWUGtv: How do I co-exist with other vendors?

SSWUGtv: With a business that is not quite working, is it better to start new or to pivot?   SSWUGtv: Should I focus on just one niche customer group initially?   SSWUGtv: Key Questions to Ask About Data Security  

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Multiple Version Support in SQL  -  Continuing our talk on supporting multiple versions we turn our attention to the database, where supporting multiple versions of software is a much harder accomplishment.

Open/Closed and Multiple Versions  -  Today I'm looking at the Open/Closed principle, which is the O part of the SOLID software development principles. One thing Open/Closed allows is multiple concurrent versions of your software. Let's see how important this is?

Another Sequence Example  -  You often hear that in SQL set logic has the best performance. Today I have another example of replacing procedural loop code with a query by using a sequence table.

Big Data Storage  -  Today we complete our review of data warehousing data structures with a very high level overview of Big Data.

Comparing Data Warehouse Designs  -  Today we wrap up or summary of different data warehouse designs with a comparison of OLAP, Data Marts, Star Schema and Snowflake Schema.


The Snowflake Warehouse Design  -  Continuing our review of data warehouse designs we take a brief overview of the Snowflake schema.

Star Schema Warehouse Design  -  Today we continue our journey through different data warehousing strategies, with an overview of the Star Schema.

Data Mart Overview  -  We are reviewing the different data structures often used for data warehousing. Today we are looking at Data Marts.

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