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SSWUGtv: How introverts can break into a manager role even though they aren\'t the most aggressive/outspoken?

SSWUGtv: How introverts can break into a manager role even though they aren\'t the most aggressive/outspoken?

SSWUGtv Security Edition: Encrypting data for higher education institutions with Steve and Patrick Townsend.   SSWUGtv: Today, Steve discusses making checklists for your systems.   SSWUGtv Security Edition: Key management vs. key storage with Steve and Patrick Townsend.  

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Joining Data from Disparate Sources  -  With the continued expansion of data storage engines it would seem there is a growing need to be able to work with sets from different data sources. Many of the newer data stores don't support linked server techniques. So, where and how do we do set like actions such as joins across data sets from different engines?

Another Approach to Applying Open/Closed to TSQL  -  Maurice submits an interesting technique for implementing the Open/Closed principle to TSQL through the use of Views and View Triggers.

An Open/Closed TSQL Approach  -  Today Aaron shares his approach to implementing the open/closed principle in TSQL programming.

Is SSIS Right For You?  -  I love SSIS. It is an awesome ETL tool with lots of bells and whistles. Interestingly, I have found myself moving away from a pure SSIS implementation as I introduced testing to my work. I haven't stopped using SSIS; but it is not my only solution either.

Can You Implement the Open/Closed Principle in SQL?  -  The Open/Closed principle is easy to apply in an object oriented language. Does it make sense to attempt to follow open/closed in SQL Code?

Sharding With a Purpose  -  Today we take a brief look at sharding techniques. See if Sharding is right for you.

Sharding for Scale, Cost and Performance  -  Some systems are sharded placing data on multiple servers to reduce cost, increase performance and increase scalability. With the many options maturing what should you consider now?

Where Do You Put Your Unstructured Data?  -  Many engines have been competing for storage of unstructured data. SQL Server introduced the XML data type. Many NoSql engines target unstructured data. What tools are you finding useful currently?

What Do You Think of Hybrid Environments?  -  Combining on-premise solution with the cloud-based solutions just became a bit trickier. Have you seen the latest court ruling regarding storage and your rights? How does this impact your own planning?

Developing Report Models - (Part 1)

In this article, we will identify the components of a report model and then learn how best to use the Report Services tools to develop a report model. We will a...

Guidelines for Multilingual Web Design

Globalization and multiculturalism have redefined online marketing. Consequently, Web design as such must also keep up with the requirements of the present-day ...

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