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SSWUGtv: Laura gives some tips on appropriately showing your appreciation to a client

SSWUGtv: Laura gives some tips on appropriately showing your appreciation to a client

SSWUGtv: SQL Server Security thoughts – encryption application points and techniques.   SSWUGtv: Laura gives tips on how to overcome your first mistake at a new job.   SSWUGtv:  SQL Server Backup and restore – to the cloud!  (Or not?)  

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Batch Processing and Scheduling  -  Batch processing and scheduling are key capabilities built into how we write software in many systems. Windows primarily focuses on Real Time processing requirements. Do we need batch processing capabilities in Window?

Data Warehousing  -  Where is our Data Warehousing Going? Are the big tool vendors the main implementations? Are NoSql on Hadoop warehouse projects winning the day? Are they really not competing products, so companies may consider using both?

When to Quite Readers Comments  -  Dilip elaborates on Knowning When to Quit?

Moving to RESTful Services  -  RESTful services are rapidly gaining adoption due to simplicity in creation and use. In conjunction with HTML5 and other consumers, the stateless nature of REST calls are gaining adoption.

Know Your Limits  -  Knowing your limits is an important skill for the IT Professional. Knowing te limits of your technical and other skills and abilities can alter the joy and value you achieve at work.

A Better Password  -  Our applications have been using the same password strategy for a long time. Perhaps it is time to get current.

Do Multiple Versions Really Happen?  -  Dave asks the question if having multiple versions of software is reasonable. If so, what skills does a professional require in order to support them?

Running Multiple Versions of Software  -  Sometimes it makes sense to have multiple versions of software. When the software is quite expensive, multiple versions may occur more often. How does that impact those working with this kind of deployment?

Secure Your Connection String  -  This is an old problem we continue to ignore or have custom solutions to resolve. Are there any standard practices? Are they platform specific, or will they work in multiple environments?

Developing Report Models - (Part 1)

In this article, we will identify the components of a report model and then learn how best to use the Report Services tools to develop a report model. We will a...

Guidelines for Multilingual Web Design

Globalization and multiculturalism have redefined online marketing. Consequently, Web design as such must also keep up with the requirements of the present-day ...

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