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Some Ideas  -  There is no way you can know everything. So, what should you do? Today I share a brainstorm on ideas to keep current.

The Never Ending Problem  -  Being an IT professional makes you a participant in the Never Ending Problem; keeping up on technology. The task is impossible, and yeat extremely important.

Starting From Scratch  -  "I'm creating a new database application, and don't know where to start." I've heard that a number of times. If that's you, here is a simple techninque to get you started.

SQL Queries on No-SQL Data  -  I've been watching the emerging SQL engines that connect SQL Syntax and interactive SQL Queries with No-SQL data stores. Is this a fad, a patch, or a direction the industry really needs to follow?

Many Faces of MVC  -  The MVC pattern continues to grow in popularity. Moreover, the ability to Implement the pattern is being added to more and more tool sets. How do you determine what tools to use for your applications?

Monitoring the Cloud  -  Do you need to monitor the performance of your cloud resources? If so, what do you monitor, and how do you monitor it?

Improved EF Many to Many  -  Today one of our readers provides an enhanced tip for generating Many to Many relationships using EF, that have additional benefits as well.

EF Implementation with Many To Many  -  Today I am sharing my experience with Many to Many relationships in EF, where there are additional properties that exist inside the many to many relationship. This is a little more complicated in EF. Here's one solution.

ORM Generation Complications  -  ORM Generators work really nicely...pause...hummm...until you get outside simple relationships. Come see what I mean.

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