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Aspects and PostSharp  -  Using Aspects you can extend your code capabilities for boiler plate kinds of implementation. Stop writing error logging in every try/catch. Handle it globally with Aspects. In dot net, you can use PostSharp.

Wrapping Up Time  -  Today I finish the series on time with a brief review, and some new considerations regarding the virtual nature of time.

Time Comparison  -  Now that we have determined how to measure different kinds of time events, let's take a look at how to compare one time event to another.

Tracking Time  -  Today I look at a couple different forms of time often found in a database. See if they are familiar to you.

Time and Your Data  -  Date and Time are often included in your database. Most often, it is not really fully determined how the data may be used, and the storage methods are inadequate.

Web Sockets - What are They Good For?  -  Web sockets came out with the HTML 5 specification. They are really cool, cute, etc. But, what are they good for? Has anyone done anything useful with them?

Be a Mentor  -  As a seasoned professional we have an obligation to help those who follow us get a good foundation. Why? To honor those who went before us. Some people don't get this concept. Read on to understand why...

Visual Studio 2015 Released  -  Sure...this is old news. Today I share my favorite enhancements for this release. If you want a full rundown, there's plenty written out there if you run a Google search.

Remember When  -  It is so easy to write software today, compared to just a few years ago. Do you Remember When you had to ...

SQL Server security - (Part 4)

In this fourth part of the SQL Server security article series, you will first learn how to manage securables at the server scope. Then, you learn how to set per...

Projecting JSON Data Into Relational Format in Oracle Database

It is common for Web services and Web applications today to use JSON as a data-interchange format. Starting with release 12.1, Oracle Database supports JSON, al...

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