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SSWUGtv: Re-Platforming

SSWUGtv: Re-Platforming

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A Distributed Application Nightmare  -  This last year we saw the release of the USA National Health Insurance Enrollment web site. Citizens were required to enroll for health benefits online using an application that did not work. How did we get there?

Dot Net Core  -  Open Systems Dot Net? Can it be? Ok, this is old news. But it is really gaining traction, and probably worth your interest at least, and maybe even worth getting involved.

Data Retention  -  Data Retention management is one of the few practices of a company that can have immediate and lasting impact. Loss of significant data can be detrimental. Reduction of obsolete data can increase application performance.

The Software First Setup  -  Many software projects, specifically BI solutions fail because companies acquire tools as part of a software license package with not idea of what problems need to be solved.

Application Architecture Pains  -  As we continue to create new application architectures strengths and weaknesses emerge. Enterprise architectures can become cumbersome. SOA micro-architectures can be brittle. Where are we to go?

Vectors vs SQL  -  Many functions performed in vector based languages such as R may be performed using traditional SQL, or implemented with custom functions in SQL Server. Whick should you use?

Skill Enhancement Goals  -  Any professional software developer must continually enhance their skills and knowledge for how to write software. Have you set any goals for yourself?

Intercepting Entity Framework Database Calls  -  Entity Framework 6 provides new capabilities allowing you to intercept database execution.

Memory vs. Intellisense  -  Before the powerful intellisense engines made our code writing much more simple we had to memorize a lot of syntax. Is there value in the memorization today?

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