How to Protect Your Job When There is a Shake-Up at the Top

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The most effective way to assure stability and sustainability is to make sure your boss isn’t your only conduit to success. If he is the only one that knows your value and potential, then (once he is gone) it is much like jumping out of an airplane with no parachute. It’s a little too late to create the network- parachute in your professional path at this company.

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Laura Rose

Laura Lee Rose has been in the software and testing industry for more than 20 years. She’s worked with such companies as IBM, Ericsson, Staples, Fidelity Investments and Sogeti in various client advocacy and project management roles. The techniques she used in her business coaching and client advocacy work saved these companies both time and money, which resulted in on-time, quality product delivery with higher client satisfaction.

Even though Laura excelled in the corporate environment, she felt a calling toward something more.  Laura now uses her time management, work life balance and personal development skills as a life coach and Corporate Exit Strategist.  Laura Lee Rose helps people blend their goals and dreams into their everyday lives. Laura uses creative transition strategies to help her clients realize what really matters to them. Combining inspired action with practical, tangible techniques easily lead you toward more autonomy, freedom and balance.

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