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Writing Good ADO.Net Code

How are your ADO.Net skills? Many times you are not required to write code directly in ADO.Net because you are using frameworks that handle the database communication on your behalf. Entiry Framwork, Linq to SQL, nHibernate, net Tiers, Dapper DB, and many other libraries and frameworks handle the database communication for you.

Then there are those times when it makes sense for you to write ADO code on your own. At this point the smallest misunderstanding of how things are put together, and how they interact, can result in unexpected events or even unstable applications. I’m not trying to say that things are incredibly complicated. I am saying, it is easy to do things that are very inefficient.

Rather than dig in here and give you all the different ways you can write bad ADO.Net code, let me instead direct you to a great publication on optimizing your ADO.Net code, Although this was published by Microsoft in May of 2004 it is still relevant today. The techniques for optimizing ADO.Net have not changed radically. You will find the direction provided here to be of great help if you are having to write ADO code and need to brush up on your skills.

Here’s to writing great database access code.