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Frameworks Can't Do it All

Can frameworks replace the majority of software developers must write? Dilip doesn't think so. He writes:

I have also been hearing this Promise of Zero Coding for last 30 years. Here, are certain cold facts:

  1. Frameworks are good for Inter-Transfer of Data.
  2. Frameworks provide Data Dependency and Consistency.
  3. Frameworks provide some built-in Security.
  4. Frameworks cut-down on need to do rudimentary programming work e.g. drawing a Window in .net  or in Java.
  5. Frameworks provide excellent set of Classes for managing hardware - communication, memory management etc.

They are great. They have more or less relieved a programmer of doing actual Management of Computer Operations etc.


  1. Who Provides Architectural Design.
  2. Who Provides Business Logic.
  3. Who Provides complex Formulae that need to be translated into actual programming Instructions.
  4. Who Provides Process Flow.
  5. Who Provides Client Specific and Format Specific Results.

There are many things that are not visible on surface such as that in making of a movie.
So, I feel that it will still remain as a dream for years to come.

Hope, my comments are not Harsh. Because, I am tired of such vague promises.

Honestly, this isn't an April fools joke. Frameworks really do reduce a lot of the work required to build software. But, I don't think they are going to, or are intended to, replace the logic that only comes from a developer. They make the work much less granular...but the work still exists.

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