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Many Faces of MVC

The MVC (Model/View/Controller) pattern has been popular with programmers for over a decade. What’s really cool about it is the continuing growth of techniques targeted at implementing MVC. One of the things I think makes it so powerful is that you can fulfill the pattern in many layers.

With HTML5 implementations in browsers, it is easier than ever to implement much of MVC in a browser. Alternatively, you can do a lot of MVC in a web server. Or, if you like, you can use combinations of both.

Throw in all the new mobile implementation techniques, and now you have a large toolset to draw from when writing an application. So, how do you choose what tool set works for your current application? Do you choose the tool with which you are most familiar? Do you determine your implementation based on the target platform? Does the mobile device market influence your decision?

Get into the discussion. Leave a comment with factors that help you decide which implementation makes sense to you. If you prefer, drop an Email to