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SQL Server 2014 Goodness

SQL Server 2014 Goodness
There is a lot to be talking about with SQL Server 2014 and the different things released around it.  In case you missed it, it just recently dropped to production availability and there are some very cool things going on with the release.

I think one of the more interesting things going on is more about a direction and overall approach, rather than this or that feature.  The "internet of things" or IOT is pretty amazing when you put it all together.  I think I probably tipped my hand in talking about big data and the Borg the other day, but I think the real value in the masses of information comes from getting all the information we can *reasonably* get and then figuring out new ways to use it.  No surprises there. 

With this release, Microsoft is coming right out and providing the tools, platform and scale to support this type of solution environment.  You can get all sorts of information here: 

And, just in case you're wondering, if you're not yet (!) on SQL Server 2014, don't fret.  You'll notice that many of the things they're talking about concept-wise and tools-wise are available for 2012.  More importantly, since SQL Server is available in both server-based and cloud-based solutions, you have a number of options to start testing.  If all else fails, check out the information and think about how it pertains to the information you're gathering and presenting.  

For me, the data platform is really the big win.  From Power BI to the database tools themselves, from the integration into the end-user tools like Excel and reporting capabilities, to the integration of other tools in the cloud... it all really comes together in a solid way that gives you different tools and capabilities along the way.  That's a pretty vague statement, I realize that, but what hits me is that the options are broad.  

The cloud makes it easy to test and work with the release options.  You can bring up and take down instances and access to the systems quickly and easily... and cheaply.  Give it a test drive and use some of the labs posted to the site.  While there is much to learn, it's interesting to see others' visions for what can be done.