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Data Warehousing

BI and Data Warehousing are two of the hottest topics I see today. Job Boards are flooded with companies searching for people with BI/DW experience. I mostly see advertisements for the Oracle or Microsoft BI stack. There are a number of IBM tools included as well.

What seems to be on the decline are companies looking for NoSql kinds of data mining. I’m wondering if that is simply because I am not looking in the right place anymore, or if there is a smaller market for this kind of data mining.

It’s not an either/or kind of question. Both mining techniques play a different role in understanding your data. Hadoop like engines mining massive sets of non-structured, non-related data allow analysts to find relationships where none are known to exist. Traditional data warehouses optimize known relationships allowing for rapid processing of the impact of different dimensions across large volumes of structured data.

Are you seeing both technologies used in your companies? Are they instead using traditional warehousing over NoSql repositories? Share your insight here, or drop an email to