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Time to Get Certified

Recently I have been looking at certifications again. The last certification I had was for  a Microsoft Certified Software Developer back in the early 2000s using SQL Server 2000 as a base. I haven’t needed a certification to land work; nobody has asked or cared. Moreover, some of the certifications back then were simply a measurement of how good your memory was when using the prep exams.

I worked with individuals carrying certifications that could not solve problems or write software. Certifications back then were not as meaningful as they have grown to be today.

I will say that the best thing about certification is it helps you fill in the gaps of your knowledge. It exposes areas that you don’t know, because you may not have had a need or opportunity to explore. It’s for that reason I am looking at certification again. Certification covers a broad range of topics for any particular skill, software, or framework. With that in mind, I’m looking forward to the challenge.

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How about you? Are you finding value in modern certifications? Do you look for them when hiring people? Have you found that you have a better understanding than those you work with who are certified? Share your opinion here, or drop an email to