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Batch Processing and Scheduling

Many systems today still have powerful batch processing engines. IBM based hardware has a history of powerful batch processing engines handling user defined job queues. This allows systems programmers to maintain multiple job queues allowing multiple processes to execute concurrently, and having jobs within a single queue run in sequence.

When working in the Windows environment it seems like there is a hole for sophisticated job engines. Windows Scheduler and SQL Server Agent fill the gap pretty well. SSIS is another contender for job scheduling and execution; but these tools are either really simple, or tightly aligned with SQL Server.

Would there be value in a job management system in the Windows environment. I know we tend to want things more real time for more Windows application. But, when you need tools for managing background processes or overnight modifications it gets old writing new ways to integrate with the limited tools available freely.

What tools do you use to fill this space in the Windows world? Do you find the same issues in a Linux environment? Would it make sense to use Linux tools to manage Windows processes? Get into the conversation by sharing your position. Send an Email to if it is easier that leaving a comment online.