FAQ Topics

Changing SQL Server account makes existing full-text catalogs unusable. Yes 7/28/2009
How do I post a topic to a forum? No 7/14/2009
SQL Agent jobs fail with error 2627. Yes 4/28/2009
How can I get a full list of all user-defined error messages for a particular database? Yes 12/17/2008
Problems with DBCC STACKDUMP command. Yes 10/26/2008
Problems with responses for performance condition alerts. Yes 9/16/2008
Enterprise Manager does not allow changing the password. Yes 8/18/2008
Problem with mismatching user SID and login SID after database restore. Yes 8/12/2008
The sp_add_alert procedure returns error. Yes 6/30/2008
The assertion error occurs when I try to alter a database. Yes 1/29/2008
Full-text catalog population fails. Yes 11/5/2007
Server Network Utility cause unhandled access violation error. Yes 9/19/2007
The DBCC CHECKTABLE command fails. Yes 7/10/2007
What permissions should I have to run the Web Assistant Wizard? Yes 5/21/2007
rebuildm utility truncates the virtual server name to 14 characters. Yes 5/17/2007
sp_change_primary_role stores transaction log backup in the wrong location. Yes 4/9/2007
The Log Shipping Monitor does not contain backup job information. Yes 4/3/2007
Can I check the total time that CPU has been doing SQL Server work? Yes 8/12/2006
Can I disable a linked server for distributed query access? Yes 6/6/2006
Can I change the connection time-out for connecting to particular linked server? Yes 6/5/2006
I need to increase the number of the user connections. How can I make it? Yes 5/19/2006
How I can audit successful and unsuccessful attempts to access SQL Server objects? Yes 5/11/2006
How can I see the internal data page structure? Yes 4/26/2006
How can I clear the stored procedure cache? Yes 4/24/2006
How can I see the number of pages used by extended stored procedures and temporary tables? Yes 4/20/2006
How can I check the virtual log files for the database? Yes 4/19/2006
How can I start SQL Server in a single-user mode? Yes 3/24/2006
How can I start SQL Server in a minimal configuration mode? Yes 3/24/2006
Can I reduce the size of my database? Yes 3/2/2006
obtain the size of a table Yes 2/24/2006