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Restrict the query optimizer through OPTIMIZER_FEATURES_ENABLE and Top-Frequency/Hybrid Histograms Oracle 3/5/2015
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Quick and Dirty Web Data-Binding XML 3/5/2015
DB2 Security Definitions DB2 3/5/2015
DB2 Basics: Administrative Commands DB2 3/5/2015
ORA-01114 Not Recorded Correctly in Alert Log Oracle 3/5/2015
When ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY Won’t See the Query Is Deterministic… Open Src  3/5/2015
Intro to Silverlight (3): The Xaml Document Dev 3/5/2015
Dynamic Data Access with Plain Old SQL and SqlQuery SQL 3/5/2015
AutoComplete with Redis, NodeJS and jQuery XML 3/5/2015
The New DBA's Checklist DB2 3/4/2015
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Migrating From Razor Web Pages To ASP.NET MVC 5 - Views and Controllers Dev 3/4/2015
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The MySQL Query Cache: How it works, plus workload impacts (good and bad) Open Src  3/4/2015
Optimizing for unknown and NULLs SQL 3/4/2015
MATCH_RECOGNIZE and the Optimizer Oracle 3/4/2015
An Oracle Instance is Like An Upmarket Restaurant Oracle 3/4/2015
Enterprise Manager and Services, Part I Oracle 3/4/2015
Dealing with layered function calls SQL 3/4/2015
ASP.NET MVC Controller Vs. Web API - 5 Things You Should Know Dev 3/4/2015
Features of Java 8 XML 3/4/2015
The DB2Night Show #149: DB2's GOT TALENT - z/OS Auditions DB2 3/4/2015