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Show Notes: For years, Microsoft Excel has been the primary tool for report writers and business analyst providing a means to collect, analyze, and present data. In 2010 Microsoft released PowerPivot, a free add on to Excel, which extends Excel's capabilities and provides a full service, powerful, and FAST business intelligence tool. PowerPivot extends the capabilities of the PivotTable data summarization and cross-tabulation feature with new features such as expanded data capacity, advanced calculations, ability to import data from multiple sources, and the ability to publish the workbooks as interactive web applications.

This session will detail working with PowerPivot and balances lecture and demonstration to show step by step the process of creating, enhancing, and deploying a PowerPivot project. We will also discuss the server side technology of PowerPivot, SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular Data Projects, and how PowerPivot can be leveraged and deployed to provide server side processing.

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