DocAve Storage Optimization Suite
BLOBs Kill SQL Servers - AvePoint has the Antidote
DocAve Extender moves BLOBs off of SQL servers, dramatically reducing the size of SharePoint content databases. Extended content acts in every way like it's in SharePoint. DocAve Archiver adds data lifecycle management to the picture, moving content to tiered storage. Archiving can be on-demand or via customizable business rules. DocAve Connector further expands possibilities, letting you attach files or media stored on any file system to SharePoint. This takes advantage of all of SharePoint's features, without moving the data or taking up any space in the SharePoint content database.
Storage Optimization Suite 2/8/2010
Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN
End to End Microsoft SQL Server Solutions

The Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN native support for Windows, comprehensive data protection features, tight integration with Microsoft SQL Server and proven performance makes it an ideal storage platform for Microsoft application deployments. With advanced standard software, including the Dell EqualLogic PS Series Smart Copy feature, DBAs can easily setup and maintain realistic testing and development environments and quickly recover from any data loss or corruption. The all-inclusive PS Series advanced software feature set helps reduce system acquisition cost.
iSCSI SAN solutions for SQL Server 7/16/2008
iQ4bis Analysis
Analytics and Reporting for Your BU's

iQ4bis Analysis is an intuitive and powerful tool providing timely and accurate insight into the key hotspots like Revenue, Financial and Supply Chain analysis. No more customizing and printing manual reports; business users can access the data they need quickly and easily independent of IT.
  • Combines all of the reporting and analysis data throughout entire company, regardless of data source
  • Ready-to-use, out-of-the-box solutions available for any ERP system
  • Compliant with Microsoft Analysis Services, unlocking the true power of multi-dimensional data cubes
  • Pure, browser-based application; no footprint and nothing to download 
  • Integrates with Active Directory and runs within SharePoint


Analytics and Reporting for BU's 6/11/2008
EMC RecoverPoint

If you are thinking about your whether your DR strategy is what it should be? Think EMC RecoverPoint.

It protects companies from data loss due to common problems like server failures, data corruption, software errors, viruses, and end-user errors, while protecting against catastrophic events that can bring an entire data center to a standstill. An end-to-end data protection solution for the entire data center, RecoverPoint delivers a comprehensive data protection suite that can be deployed to continuously protect data both locally and remotely. Gain the advantages of host-based and array-based solutions while replicating your data from any SAN-based array to any other SAN-based array over your existing IP networksimply and cost-effectivelywith EMC RecoverPoint.

Network-based data protection & recovery 6/5/2008
EMC NetWorker
Start exceeding SLA requirements for back up & recovery with EMC NetWorker application modules.

This best-of-breed software delivers automated online protection and granular recovery for popular database, messaging, content, and ERP applications. NetWorker application modules fully integrate with vendor-specific APIs so you dont have to develop or maintain custom backup and recovery scripts. And because database backup and restore is handled online, database administrators can define backup schedules and manage backup operations centrally. Automated lights out data protection is available with extensive autochanger, tape device, and media-handling capabilities. For fast recovery that boosts user productivity, reduces downtime, and increases IT staff efficiency, turn to EMC NetWorker application modules.
EMC NetWorker backup and recovery solution 6/5/2008
WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio
WaveMaker Makes Visual Ajax Easy!

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio is an easy-to-use visual builder that enables the drag & drop assembly of scalable, web-applications using Ajax widgets, web services and databases. WaveMaker will look and feel especially familiar to client/server developers who are used to working with visual tools. Well suited to novices and pros alike, WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio helps users create simple applications without any scripting knowledge. Companies choose WaveMaker to accelerate the modernization and migration of legacy applications to the web: reducing backlog, mitigating risk and eliminating under the desk IT projects.
AJAX Web Reports & Applications 3/21/2008
Embarcadero ER/Studio Enterprise
ER/Studio® Enterprise is the industry’s most innovative and intuitive modeling tool for analyzing, visualizing, and communicating database and application designs for data and information architecture. Combining process, data, UML modeling and reporting into a powerful multi-level design environment, ER/Studio Enterprise enables you to build and maintain large, complex database applications and consolidate, report and re-use metadata easier and more accurately than ever.

-Enterprise wide lineage and traceability 
-Automated model publication, communication and collaboration 
-Round-trip engineering 
-Multiplatform database lifecycle support
Business and conceptual modeling software 2/29/2008
Dundas Gauge for Reporting Services
Visually Enhance Reports in SQL Reporting Services 2005

Transform your boring SQL Reporting Services reports into something visually stunning and easier to interpret with Dundas Gauge! Create Dashboard and Scorecards that truly show off your data in a way that brings more power to your reports, and impresses the end users at the same time. Visit our site for full evaluation copies, our gauge gallery our online gauge demos and more.

Read this Product Review Article about Dundas Reporting Services Dashboard Bundle by Stephen Wynkoop, Microsoft MVP
Reporting Services Software 2/15/2008
SQL defrag manager

SQL defrag manager automates the time-consuming process of finding and fixing database index fragmentation issues across multiple SQL Servers. SQL defrag manager improves server performance by analyzing database index fragmentation levels in real-time, pinpointing fragmentation "hot spots" and taking action to defragment automatically, or at your command. SQL defrag manager is simple to install, configure and use across all your SQL Servers, from one server to an enterprise-scale implementation. DBAs can view activity in real-time, quickly exposing fragmentation hot spots. SQL defrag manager provides three methods for performing fragmentation analysis or defragmentation: scheduled, semi-automated using a to-do list, and ad-hoc. SQL defrag manager provides reports and metrics from the enterprise level down to individual indexes.
Performance, Fragmentation, Defragmentation 1/14/2008


SQLpermissions is a free tool that will automatically generate a T-SQL script to move logins and permissions from one server to another.  It can move either a single log-in or group of logins and can generate permissions on a single database or across all databases.  It will also give you a simple view of logins and permissions on a server. SQL permissions will save you hours of time, help you recover SQL Server logins and permissions faster in the event of a database crash, and will drastically reduce human error and administrative headaches!

Security, logins, logons, permissions 1/14/2008
Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server
Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server provides proven database backup technology that will drastically reduce disaster recovery time to minutes instead of hours.  One-step Recovery and Automated Recovery to Point-of-Failure reduces downtime and assists your organization in improving your Recovery Time Objective (RTO).  Rolling Snapshot technology enables near-instantaneous recovery in cases of human error or logical data corruption.  Includes Backup Strategy Assistant that creates a Disaster Recovery Plan for your environment, delivering step-by-step instructions for recovery.  Also provides FTP capability for storing your backup on any FTP server, worldwide.
Recovery, Backup, Disaster Plan 1/7/2008
SwisSQL DBChangeManager
Compare, Synchronize and Audit MSSQL database changes on the Web

  • Compares and Synchronizes all object types of MSSQL Schema
  • Compares Live databases, SQL Scripts and Snapshot generated by the tool
  • Offers Transaction enabled, accurate and optimized Synchronization scripts with rollback
  • Provides database Synchronization audit to keep track of database changes
  • Web based client interface with multi-user access and collaboration. Accessible from anywhere on the Internet/Intranet through a Web browser
  • Comprehensive HTML reports on Comparison result and Synchronization audit
  • Supported on Windows and Linux
  • View Demo
  • MSSQL Comparison, Synchronization and Audit 10/18/2007

    ZUI allows DBAs and Managers to monitor 250+ database servers from a web browser, with zero impact!

    - Easy-to-use 100% web browser interface
    - Custom and 3D graphs of servers performance
    - Monitoring of 250+ database servers from a web browser
    - Historical baseline server and SQL health comparisons
    - Zero impact capture of 100% of the SQL activity (no ineffective sampling used)
    - SQL performance divergence analysis identifies daily all SQL that performed poorer than their historical average
    - Stealth monitoring of server blocking, buffer cache, CPU, I/O, memory and more

    Database Monitoring, SQL Server Monitoring Tools 10/2/2007
    Mail Junction
    Synametrics Mail Junction is an email response management tool providing a single point of access to public email accounts such as sales, support and marketing. It is a tool for organizing, distributing, and filtering incoming email messages and accurately and efficiently responding to them in a timely fashion.

    With Synametrics Mail Junction you can:

    • Collect emails in a central repository and provide mechanisms to view, reply, and search existing messages.
    • Provided canned responses to common questions
    • Set reminders and comments for existing messages or a thread of message
    • Access your email from any where either using a web browser or an IMAP client such as MS Outlook.
    Email response management, CRM 9/10/2007
    A Homogeneous Solution for Heterogeneous Environment

    More than 80% of today's business applications require interaction with a relational database. In a typical enterprise there are many databases provided by multiple vendors, such as Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS SQL Server, Informix and others. In such heterogeneous environments developers face a constant challenge of using multiple tools, one for each database, to get their day-to-day task done. Besides, some back-end databases do not provided adequate, GUI based, and feature rich tools on the front-end.

    WinSQL solves all these problems by providing developers with one interface that connects to a variety of back-end databases through ODBC.
    DB Mgmt, ODBC, Querying, Reporting, Scheduling 9/7/2007
    HP PolyServe Database Utility for SQL Server
    Consolidating SQL Server database servers using HP's PolyServe Database Utility for SQL Server cures low server utilization, assures availability of all databases and lowers the time and costs spent managing SQL Server environments. HP's PolyServe Database Utility can enable you to:

       - Reduce the number of servers needed for SQL Server by 50% 
       - Decrease storage requirements and software images for comprehensive cost reduction 
       - Provide robust failover services for every server, easily and cost effectively 
       - React to capacity changes in 30 seconds for real time scalability 
       - Reduce the time required to manage servers, storage and O/S patches by as much as 75%
    SQL Server Consolidation, Virtualization 7/30/2007
    SQL Prompt
    SQL Prompt is your very own, configurable SQL secretary!

    SQL Prompt delivers IntelliSense-style code completion for SQL Server, via a seamless add-in for SSMS and Query Analyzer. It automates the retrieval of database object names, syntax and snippets as you write, intelligently offering only appropriate code choices. SQL Prompt comes with a set of highly customizable behaviours so you can make it perform exactly the way you want and so enhance your control and performance whenever you're scripting T-SQL code.
    SQL Server Code Completion 6/4/2007
    DataDefractor is a custom Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) data flow source component designed to extract and normalize semi-structured data sources such as Microsoft Excel and CSV reports and spreadsheets. Once the data is extracted, DataDefractor normalizes it and feeds it into the SSIS pipeline in the form of normalized output of fact data and context metadata. >>> Download Free DataDefractor Edition
        Flexible data mapping rules
        Example-driven user interface
        Normalization of nested multi-paged data sources
        Multi-dimensional modeling
        Regular-expression-based context extractions
        Multi-data source processing
        64-bit platform support
    Data: Integration, Warehousing, Extraction 5/7/2007
    Diskeeper 2007
    Free Download: Your PCs, laptops and servers will run faster then ever before with new Diskeeper 2007 deployed. Diskeeper 2007 eliminates potential problems IN REAL TIME without affecting system resources or intruding on system demands. Packed with powerful features to handle and prevent disk fragmentation, with Diskeeper 2007 you can regain and maintain peak performance on all your systems. Simply install the software and Diskeeper takes care of the rest. Download now!
    System Utility, Performance, Defragmentation 5/2/2007
    SQL Assistant
    SQL Assistant equips Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and MySQL developers and DBAs with an easy-to-use tool to accelerate the database development process, improve code quality and syntax accuracy. It provides a broad set of intelligent code completion features, including assistance with SQL code typing, automatic word completion and database object and attributes browsing. SQL Assistant empowers organizations with the ability to implement scripting standards for SQL statements, queries and stored procedures, dramatically improving productivity for all SQL script creation. Its auto-completion, code assistance and context-sensitive features enable all SQL developers to write fast, consistently well- formatted SQL statements.

    Read "5 Star rated" Product Review article written by Stephen Wynkoop, SQL Server MVP and Editor of, about SQL Assistant software
    Database Development Productivity Tool 4/30/2007
    DBLaunch 360
    Are you the SQL Server DBA they call at 4 A.M. because someone configured something wrong?

    With DBLaunch 360 you can manage standards for 100's of SQL Server instances as if you were managing one. Use pre-defined templates for consistent error free configurations by DBA's or IT Administrators globally. Audit and report on your SQL Server environment to maintain compliance and security records easily. Templates include: Custom Scripts, Database mirroring, SA Password resets, Cluster Deployments and much more. Optimize your TDS protocol with SQLNitro and decrease SQL network requirements by up to 70% while improving SQL response times up to 80%.

    Administration, Config Mgmt, Data Compression 4/25/2007
    Automated Conversion of Microsoft Access to SQL Server

    2SQL automatically converts Microsoft Access databases to SQL Server. 2SQL converts Access queries to views or stored procedures, DAO to ADO, Access functions to SQL Server equivalents, and more. 2SQL converts the MDB and the JET engine to a 100% SQL compliant solution providing blazing speed and scalability.

    Licensed as a service, customers only pay for the specific conversions 2SQL applies to their database. The small percentage of issues not converted are easily targeted for manual repair.

    Download 2SQL today for a free scan and analysis of your databases.
    Database Migration Tools 4/11/2007

    SQL-RD saves time and money by making it easy to define single or packages of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports - schedule and run them automatically, send the reports to print, fax, disk, ftp or email in a number of standard formats.

    Create automated report scheduling, distribution and job automation for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports.  No access required to SQL server functions - just the reports.  

    With SQL-RD's Event Based Schedules, you can have reports fired off when events occur, by setting schedules to run based on events rather than date.  Microsoft Vista Certified Compatible.  Free Trial.

    Read SQL-RD Product Review by Stephen Wynkoop, MS MVP

    Reporting Services Automation Tool 3/21/2007
    Embarcadero ER/Studio Data Architect

    ER/Studio Data Architect is an industry-leading data modeling tool that enables companies to discover, document, and re-use data assets. With round-trip database support, data architects have the power to easily reverse-engineer, analyze, and optimize existing databases.  ER/Studio Data Architect’s strong reporting and communication capabilities help enforce organizational standards and achieve higher levels of productivity.

    Enterprise wide data lineage and traceability 
    · Automated model publication, communication and collaboration 
    ·Round-trip engineering 
    ·Multiplatform database lifecycle support

    Business and conceptual modeling software 3/16/2007
    Embarcadero Change Manager
    Embarcadero® Change Manager™ helps database administrators and developers simplify and automate database change management to streamline development and ensure availability, performance and compliance.

    -Simplify and automate database change management.
    -Streamline development cycles.
    -Ensure availability, performance and compliance.
    Change Manager’s compare, synchronization, data masking, and auditing capabilities let you track and report on changes, roll out new releases, and pinpoint performance problems resulting from changes at the data, schema and database configuration levels.
    Database schema change management 2/12/2007
    Dundas Chart for Reporting Services
    Using SQL Reporting Services? Do you want to create better looking reports with better charts?

    With the native charts in SQL Reporting Services 2000 and 2005 based on Dundas technology, Dundas Chart for Reporting Services offers a unique, enhanced Chart with significantly more features and more chart types. Converting existing charts is just a matter of right clicking on native charts, and converting to Dundas Chart! Test drive Dundas Chart for Reporting Services! Additional features include:
      - Double the chart types 
      - Additional 2D and 3D Effects 
      - Multiple chart area support
      - Annotation objects
    Graphing and Charting 1/26/2007
    GoldenGate TDM 9.0
    Real-Time Data Availability

    Are you evaluating real-time data integration options or ways to keep critical business applications highly available when running on Microsoft SQL Server databases? Transactional Data Management (TDM) software version 9.0 features support to capture data in real-time from SQL Server databases, with extremely high performance and without the need for a distributor database.

    Use TDM to:

             Eliminate downtime during upgrades, migrations, and maintenance.

             Improve your recovery time with Live Standby and Dual-Active solutions.

             Populate your data warehouse or reporting systems with real-time data feeds.

    Download product data sheets, white papers & recorded product web seminars here.
    Transactional data management 1/22/2007
    dbMaestro Professional
    Are you overwhelmed trying to keep up with constant changes to your Database?

    DbMaestro is a leading database configuration and change management platform, enabling DBA's and software developers to add real version management functionality to the database world.
    With dbMaestro you can:

      -   Rollback to previous versions of your database
      -   Compare your database schema & content
      -   Automatically synchronize your schema structure
      -   Simplify data migrations
      -   Deploy updates to servers in your organization with ease

    Here is the solution! Reduce risk, time and increase efficiency across your deployments.
    Download dbMaestro Professional TODAY

    Change and configuration management 1/15/2007

    If you are looking for a quick and easy way to deliver data to your users via interactive AJAX enabled web reports and applications in a browser environment then look no further. DbNetGrid has built-in functionality that makes it simple to search, filter, sort, page, edit, copy, print, export, nest and link your data with as little as 3 lines of code. DbNetGrid has been designed with performance and scalability in mind and will handle hundreds of thousands of rows of data and hundreds of users with ease. Visit our website for online demos and a free fully functional download.

    AJAX Web Reports & Applications 1/12/2007

    Idera's SQLsecure: Assess SQL Server security risks & audit user access rights. SQLsecure helps to eliminate security holes, ensure compliance with corporate security policies, and will verify SQL Server security model by analyzing the effective access rights for any user, on any given object or access control, across SQL Server, Active Directory and Windows. SQLsecure also tracks changes made to access rights and privileges. Provides enterprise-wide analysis data and reporting from a central point of control.  Download a free 14 day evaluation copy of SQLsecure
    Security Auditing/Compliance, Permissions Analysis 12/28/2006