Brian Flynn 
IO, IO! Why is my SQL so slow? Storage I/O Impact on SQL Server Performance
By Brian Flynn
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Disk I/O can be a significant performance bottleneck for SQL Server. And when physical I/O is the suspected culprit, the first thought is to purchase more storage. But expensive hardware upgrades don’t necessarily ensure a faster database. So how do you determine how much I/O is contributing to poor performance? How can you assess the performance of a specific workload on different types of storage? And how do you decide which infrastructure is best for a specific storage solution?

Back by popular demand, please join database performance expert and SolarWinds Product Manager, Brian Flynn, for this presentation to learn the fundamentals of SQL Server storage and how it impacts performance, including:

• The difference between latency, throughput, IOPS, and how they relate
• Performance characteristics of several storage solutions
• Techniques for analyzing storage subsystem performance
• And, how database design and infrastructure interact and impact performance and scalability

Laura Lee Rose 
Branded for LIFE: the Mark of a Highly Effective Professional
By Laura Lee Rose
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Friday, December 19th, 2014, 12:00 PM Eastern

Webcast Overview

Celebrities and corporations understand the importance of conveying vision, mission and purpose statements through branding. Unfortunately, busy professionals do not take the time to do the same. I find that once my clients take the time to clarify their goals and professional motto – their careers catapult. To this end – this presentation is structured as a workshop. We will be pausing periodically for you to take this time to actually design your Vision, Mission, Purpose and Branding statements. During a live workshop, we periodically break into smaller groups to brainstorm and practice our “what I do” statements. Even though this is an online webinar – I encourage you to take this class with someone and share these exercises with friends, family, co-workers, customers and mentors. You will be amazed how much more you can achieve when your share and explore with your supporters.

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Tim Radney 
Overcoming the Top Mistakes Seen in the Field
By Tim Radney
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Tim Radney and Mike Walsh are both SQL Server MVP’s and frequent speakers at technical conferences. Tim and Mike plan to share the common issues they encounter when performing WellDBA™ exams. Areas of focus will be around issues we find with data recovery, data consistency, maintenance operations, memory optimizations, alerting, instance tuning, power management, tempdb best practices, and baselining, while performing WellDBA exams. We give insights into why these areas are important and guidance on how to correct these mistakes in your environment.