Laura Lee Rose 
3 Easy Steps to Changing Your Career
By Laura Lee Rose
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Friday, September 11th, 2015, 12:00 PM Eastern

Webcast Overview

In February, we discussed ways to get that skip-level promotion in your current field. Today – we’ll explore changing careers. You may want to change from corporate to consulting, or consulting back into corporate. You may want to change from a non-technical role into a more technical role. You may want to change from a technical position to a customer-care position.

Reasons also vary. It could be because you have already achieved everything in your current career; it could be that you have already reached the salary limits of your current position and there’s no advancement opportunities; it could be that the current position and technology is now obsolete; or it could be that have you have finally taken to time to clearly identity your vision, mission and purpose.

Today’s webinar will explore all those different aspects of a career change.

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