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SQL Query Tuning for SQL Server - Getting It Right the First Time

Authored by Dean Richards, Senior DBA, the SQL tuning methods presented in this detailed paper follow a simple, repeatable, four-step process. Several tuning case studies help illustrate how the method works in real applications. This methodology is a valuable time saver because it will help you get it right the first time.

Security Challenges and Considerations with VMware

Applying security in a virtualized environment introduces some unique challenges for key management, from managing to compliance regulations and other considerations. When systems are no longer dedicated and share a common physical architecture, the issues of access and encryption controls is critical. In this paper, we’ll look into some of these challenges and address some of the things you can do to take control of your security and data management.

How to Meet Best Practices for Protecting Information in AWS

Protecting your information when using cloud-based services can be very challenging. The need to encrypt and protect information includes many variables and considerations. When you add compliance, best practices and various regulations into the mix, the overall goals and requirements are substantial. This whitepaper explores the practical needs, the items that require evaluation and different approaches to best practices to make sure your information is secure.

Why Your Data Sucks-The Surprisingly Short Half-Life of Data

Your data is radioactive – just as a chunk of plutonium will break down in measured time (its half-life) – so does your data. We developed a formula to determine the actual half-life of data and analyzed thousands of customers’ databases. The results are eye-opening.

Also, if you deal with contact data in a SQL Server environment, this new magazine is a must-read. We’ll also highlight the pros and cons of various procedures to call data quality operations using SQL Server. In this issue:
  • Review our half-life findings and learn how to fight “truth decay”
  • Discover free data quality tools to drive better insight into your data
  • How AirNet improved data ROI using a SQL Server solution

Six Steps to Managing Data Quality with SQL Server Integration Services

Overcoming the challenges of data quality doesn’t have to be costly or difficult to do. Organizations can take advantage of the integration capabilities inherent in Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to implement a Total Data Quality strategy needed for successful MDM, data warehousing and data quality projects. This white paper describes a six-step plan to managing data quality using SSIS. In this new white paper learn:
  • How to deliver clean, consistent data that can be distributed and confidently used across the enterprise, regardless of business application and system.
  • How to resolve incomplete or missing customer profile information, such as blank phone numbers or addresses.

Azure Encryption

As soon as you have data stored for later reference, you are faced with the challenge of protecting that data. This essentially includes every piece of information - certainly those that are personally identifiable or relate to activities that require compliance and protection of information. That’s quite a wide array of information, and it’s important to make sure you’re doing the important work of protecting information in a way that works both with your applications and with the regulations, agencies and compliance requirements that impact you.

SQL KeyManagement

ORGANIZATIONS CONTINUE TO EXPERIENCE DAMAGING LOSSES DUE to data breaches. These losses include legal costs, costs to reimburse customers and employees, lost stakeholder value, and reduction of goodwill. The estimate of these financial losses range into the billions of dollars every year. This paper discusses compliance regulations, standards for protecting data with encryption, and how Microsoft provides for the encryption of sensitive data in its flagship SQL Server database system. Townsend Security’s Alliance Key Manager provides a cost effective, easy-to-deploy, and compliant solution for Microsoft customers whether their data is in the Cloud, VMware, or a traditional IT data center.

Industry Must Haves Key Management

DATA SECURITY HAS COME A LONG WAY within just the past few years. Organizations no longer have to continue to maintain current patchwork methods because there are no available, cost-effective, or interoperable solutions that easily solve their problems. Encryption and encryption key management are now industry standards and work across both legacy and newer business systems, multi-platform and multi-tenant networks, remote access workstations, geographical offices, data centers, and thirdparty business partners.