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Golden Records are Key to Solid Data Quality

With the masses of information flowing through applications, from other applications, in addition to end-users, getting “clean” information that is correct and valid is more important than ever.

The costs associated when working with incorrect or incomplete information are substantial. From transaction validation to analysis and identification of trends and important milestones, not having correct and valid information is a risk that can cause major headaches.

Data Quality works to resolve this issue, but how you go about that process of identifying and correcting information is extremely important. You can just as quickly invalidate a piece of information by applying incorrect approaches to “fixing” it. Conversely, proper approaches to information management significantly increases the value of that information.

Critical Steps to Encryption & Key Management in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

As businesses bring their data the Microsoft Azure Cloud, they are faced with the challenge of protecting that data. It is essential to make sure you’re doing the important work of protecting information in a way that works both with your applications and compliance requirements that impact you.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • Encrypting data in a SQL Server Virtual Machine (VM) and Windows Azure SQL Database (WASD)
  • SQL Server and data encryption choices
  • Impacts of encryption (Performance, backup and restore operations, high availability)
  • Fundamentals of encryption key management (Segregation of duties, dual control, split knowledge, key rotation, access controls, etc.)

SQL SERVER: Advanced Data Quality Services with Melissa Data: Azure Data Market

Among the features available in SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services is the ability for data stewards to profile, match and cleanse data. In addition to the homegrown rules that can be designed and implemented, there are also connectors to third party providers that are hosted in the Azure Datamarket. In this application note, you will learn how to subscribe to a third party data cleansing product through the Datamarket to showcase this unique capability.

Six Steps to Managing Data Quality with SQL Server Integration Services

Overcoming the challenges of data quality doesn’t have to be costly or difficult to do. Organizations can take advantage of the integration capabilities inherent in Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to implement a Total Data Quality strategy needed for successful MDM, data warehousing and data quality projects. This white paper describes a six-step plan to managing data quality using SSIS. In this new white paper learn:
  • How to deliver clean, consistent data that can be distributed and confidently used across the enterprise, regardless of business application and system.
  • How to resolve incomplete or missing customer profile information, such as blank phone numbers or addresses.

Encryption & Key Management for Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012

Written by Townsend Security

Simplify encryption and key management on your SQL Server. Data thieves are targeting SMB companies because of their inadequate security practices. The estimate of these financial losses range into the billions of dollars every year. The most critical barrier SMB companies face is access to compliance solutions that are affordable. This paper discusses compliance regulations, standards for protecting data with encryption, and how Microsoft provides for the encryption of sensitive data in its flagship SQL Server database system. It also introduces Townsend Security’s Alliance Key Manager HSM which provides a cost effective, easy-to-deploy, and compliant solution for Microsoft customers.