Author: SSWUG Research


Examining WSDL

by Rich Salz – Unlike today's Web, web services can be viewed as a set of programs interacting cross a network with no explicit human interaction involved during the transaction. In order for programs to exchange data, it's necessary to define strictly the communications protocol, the data t


Data-shaped SQL clauses

Since it’s introduction in ADO 2.0, data shaping has remained largely on the fringes of Visual Basic arcanum. Relegated to the back pages of musty manuals, you may have overlooked this useful aspect of ADO. If you’re not familiar with data-shaping, in essence, it lets you create recordsets within


Enhance SQL Server Security

by Walter Myers III and David Byres – The best cure is prevention. That’s why user authentication is the cornerstone of any software security system. And it seems easy: You can authenticate users with SQL Server’s own security mechanism, typically by passing a set of security credentials in ADO code