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Semantic Modeling Format

Semantic Modeling Format (SMF) converts English Query projects into SMF grammar, which enables the semantics of English Query domains to be represented in Extensible Markup Language (XML). You can then use programming to create and modify English Query domains based on the XML document object model,


Database Solutions

The database server is the basic building block for business applications. Today, organizations demand database solutions that meet exacting performance requirements, are cost effective, provide high availability option and are scalable to meet future needs. Compaq is working with Microsoft and ot


Axis Powers: Part One

by Bob DuCharme – XPath expressions play an important role in XSLT because they let stylesheet instructions flexibly identify the parts of the input document — or, in XSLT terms, the nodes of the source tree — to act on. Let's review the basics. An XPath expression consists of one or more loca