AquaData Studio Becomes Part of the Idera Offerings

Idera purchased AquaFold with it’s flagship product AquaData Studio earlier this year. What is the growth strategy for Idera? This is already a competing product with their ER Studio acquisition from Embarcadero.

Let me set the stage for what’s going on here. ER Studio is one of the premium windows based database management systems. It allows you to diagram your databases, synchronize your diagrams with the actual deployments, generate database migrations, and interactively write queries.

AquaData Studio is the same thing. The biggest difference is that some of the more complicated features are years old, and may not be as mature.

Both products have the ability to communicate with many different database engines.  I haven’t purchased licenses for some time. So, I don’t know how to two products compare when it comes to getting an active license.

The biggest difference I can see between the two products it that AquaData Studio is written in Java, and uses Java database drivers for connectivity. Out of the box it can run on operating systems other than Windows. Perhaps with the release of SQL Server to now run in Linux, this can be a great introduction to the market

I came across AquaData Studio a while back when I needed to reverse engineer the schema for an SqLite database. AquaData Studio connected easily, and reverse engineered the schema into a working document. It beat using Visio hands down.