SQL Server Triage – Where to Start?

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Bleary Eyed SQL Server DBA Needs Help Knowing Where to Start
At least weekly I receive emails asking "where do I start???" Not in a "Day 1 as DBA" kind of way, but more in looking at all there is to consider, where to get going. Usually we’ll suggest that they get started getting to know their systems – find out about instances that are running, basic configuration and baseline type information about performance, resources available and such.

Sometimes though, we get requests from people that are not only dropped into working with and managing SQL Server, but they’re faced with their first SQL Server and their first triage situation, all at the same time. Ugh. Talk about bath by fire!

It’s hard to suggest that someone take a deep breath and step back from the situation and try to get an understanding of the system before doing anything when the whole reason they were put into the SQL Server role was to address a serious issue that’s happening right now.

Do you have a checklist of things you do when you’re in triage mode on a new server? Do you have one or two steps that are your educated guesses at what types of things to look at? Drop me a note – how would you approach "omigoshwehaveneverneededaDBAbeforethisbutareindeeptroublesohurryupandfixit…NOW!" type situations.

Please email me here with your thoughts.

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