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Critical Data Recovery is Multi-Faceted

Yesterday, the post was about cyber-attack recovery.  Talking about the need for a more comprehensive recovery mechanism and approach than just “restore to the most recent backup.”  As mentioned, this also applies to failover systems.  In many cases, people will put in failover systems (or cloud-based services that are highly unlikely to go down) and figure they’re covered. But the […]

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Handling Downtime and the Cloud

Yes, it happens.  Things happen, systems fail, someone trips over a cable (hopefully not so much these days in major data centers), etc.  What has struck me though is that your options for dealing with downtime when you’re hosting (and it doesn’t matter if it’s “stretch” services or hybrid or entirely cloud) in these types of services, are limited. If […]

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False Sense of Security from Vendor

There’s been an interesting trend lately in several different sales calls where you’re walking through the software capabilities, listing out the different goals you have for the project, etc.  The customer (be they internal or external) eventually gets around to infrastructure and how you’ve architected the solution. Now, if it’s on-premise, this leads to a lengthy discussion (why is it […]

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Love/Hate Relationship with Unstructured Data

No doubt you’ve seen, and perhaps been working with unstructured solutions out there – DynamoDB, Azure Table Storage, and there are many other options as well.  It’s pretty cool that you can define key/value pairs and just start dumping information into the system, really without regard to structure and columns and many of the things that have traditionally made up […]

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Vendor Lock-In Challenges

I have to admit, I approached the whole question yesterday quite differently that everyone else.  I was worried more about new standards, development trajectories, compatibility and so-on.  When I wrote about the vendor-specific database flavors… I missed what could certainly be the larger issue. John Shadows wrote: 100% cloud also means you have to play by the cloud rules all […]

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Would You Use a Provider DB Engine?

Perhaps one of the odder questions I’ve asked.  For example, would you use a Microsoft-branded tweaked database platform?  Would you use an Amazon-branded, or Google-branded of the same? The major players seem to see these as the way forward, and I have to admit it has me both intrigued and baffled.  A strange combination for sure. With Microsoft, it’s Cosmos […]

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Managing Your On and Off-Premise Infrastructure

Increasingly, as we’re working with people to help out with infrastructure and with setup and considerations for their servers and solutions (wow, that’s a long breath), the trend is about handing off to cloud providers… That’s all well and good, but there’s a bit a devil in the details, so to speak.  One of the things that seems to be […]