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Love/Hate Relationship with Unstructured Data

No doubt you’ve seen, and perhaps been working with unstructured solutions out there – DynamoDB, Azure Table Storage, and there are many other options as well.  It’s pretty cool that you can define key/value pairs and just start dumping information into the system, really without regard to structure and columns and many of the things that have traditionally made up […]

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Vendor Lock-In Challenges

I have to admit, I approached the whole question yesterday quite differently that everyone else.  I was worried more about new standards, development trajectories, compatibility and so-on.  When I wrote about the vendor-specific database flavors… I missed what could certainly be the larger issue. John Shadows wrote: 100% cloud also means you have to play by the cloud rules all […]

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Would You Use a Provider DB Engine?

Perhaps one of the odder questions I’ve asked.  For example, would you use a Microsoft-branded tweaked database platform?  Would you use an Amazon-branded, or Google-branded of the same? The major players seem to see these as the way forward, and I have to admit it has me both intrigued and baffled.  A strange combination for sure. With Microsoft, it’s Cosmos […]

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Managing Your On and Off-Premise Infrastructure

Increasingly, as we’re working with people to help out with infrastructure and with setup and considerations for their servers and solutions (wow, that’s a long breath), the trend is about handing off to cloud providers… That’s all well and good, but there’s a bit a devil in the details, so to speak.  One of the things that seems to be […]

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Bots, Agents and Databases

Have you started working with (or supporting) automation systems that include bots?  Specifically, chat bots?  I have to admit I have mixed feelings about this whole thing.  I’m that person that calls the cable company and starts with “I’m technical.  I’ve done the test stuff.  I know what the issue is, please send help.”  All of this to avoid the […]