Knowledge is Power – Microsoft and SQL Server Telemetry Data from Azure

Very interesting things are happening with updates, features, new directions and such for SQL Server.  At last, we’re working with real-world, information about how SQL Server is used, what types of things it’s coming up against in that usage and what types of issues are being seen. How?  With Azure.  There’s a great post on RedmondMag.com that starts to explore […]

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Critical Data Recovery is Multi-Faceted

Yesterday, the post was about cyber-attack recovery.  Talking about the need for a more comprehensive recovery mechanism and approach than just “restore to the most recent backup.”  As mentioned, this also applies to failover systems.  In many cases, people will put in failover systems (or cloud-based services that are highly unlikely to go down) and figure they’re covered. But the […]

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The Morphing DBA Responsibilities

One of the things that pundits (do DBAs and data professionals really have pundits?) like to talk about is the demise of the DBA.  What with managed services, automation (autonomous administration) and tuning, security and all of that – combined with better administrative models for backup and recovery and those types of things – all of this comes together to […]

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How Did You Learn About That?

Do you have a great tip or idea or passion for working with data? Do you have a product or service that you’d like the world to know about?  Free? We’re off and running for the SSWUG Virtual Conference for May and I wanted to ask; how did you learn that really cool trick, technique or approach when working with […]