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Data Flow and Capacity… and Knowing All The Variables

Data sources are certainly something that should be on nearly everyone’s radar.  With more devices, more analysis and more utility coming from information than ever before, it’s pretty obvious that our pendulum associated with being a data professional will have yet more swings in the direction of managing performance as things expand. This post from was interesting as they tried […]

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PowerBI, Using that Data, IoT and the Borg

Yesterday Ben posted about where, exactly, the responsibility for security lays.  Is it with the DBA?  The network team?  Is it with the person or team that could have prevented the latest breach?  It’s a great question.  Make sure you check out the post if you haven’t seen it yet.  (Here’s a link) As we continue this revolution into more […]


Who Is Responsible for Security

Let’s face it. We work in a very Security conscience world. However, I am not sure that is the same thing as awareness. Phishing is a very popular method for hacking into a system today. In fact, I read an article where North Korea was trying to break into the United States of America electrical grid through phishing attacks. It’s […]

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Building Data Estates… and Your Legacy as Data Folk

I’ve been listening (and re-listening) to a number of MS Ignite presentations – I love getting insight into the direction, the goals and the overall vision that they present when they’re talking about big over-arching issues.  Things like “tweak this statement” fade away and we’re left with directional, vision-oriented things.  That’s the good stuff.  It’s in the one of the […]


SQL Readability

One of the things I have found helpful is to be consistent on how your layout your SQL queries. Consistency is probably more important than any particular little option. If your queries are consistent throughout, then others looking at your code will be able to understand more quickly what is going on. In this area, I really do like having […]

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Security Ignorance is Bliss – But Not in a Good Way

I’ve been poking around more and more about security, about best practices and about data protection.  I have spent a good deal of time watching the tried and true “Securing Your SQL Server” type sessions and trying to understand what is critical and what you can do about it. Security expert Duncan McAlynn (LinkedIn) sent me over a great video […]


It Isn’t ANSI Standard

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and online content about many different SQL topics, reaching back into how we used to do things in the old days. One phrase I see consistently is that a certain syntax, “does not follow the ANSI standard.” Sometimes they writer is incorrect. One thing that is true about the SQL syntax is […]


AquaData Studio Becomes Part of the Idera Offerings

Idera purchased AquaFold with it’s flagship product AquaData Studio earlier this year. What is the growth strategy for Idera? This is already a competing product with their ER Studio acquisition from Embarcadero. Let me set the stage for what’s going on here. ER Studio is one of the premium windows based database management systems. It allows you to diagram your […]