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A New Variable in the RFQ Process – (Recognizable) Brand Names

Some interesting things happening in the process of RFQs and software platform analysis prior to purchase.  More and more we’ve been seeing people inquiring about infrastructure.   It’s not like they didn’t care before, certainly they did.  But now, it’s about two different “levels” of infrastructure.  The first is functionality.  We’ll see a lot of questions about how things are set […]


Environment normalization and challenges

When you start working in the cloud, you end up making choices, of course, for how you want to implement things.  If you look at options for your SQL Server, there are more than a few different ways to approach that type of implementation.  From virtual machines and container-oriented configurations to Software and Platform as a service to fully managed […]

Editorials SQL Server

Who Decides What’s Good Enough for Data?

We are working with a software solution and setting up the SQL Server and general installation configuration for this environment and I stumbled on something that really caught my attention.   They were describing their security (all because SQL Server was involved, not because of their configuration and installation options by the way) and one of the qualifications of their security […]

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Multi-Database Solutions

tl;dr There is no easy answer.  But it’s important. It can be really challenging to work efficiently in a world where not only is the hosting environment typically a hybrid of on-site, off-site, public and private cloud configurations, managed and self-managed services… but also where you have multiple databases gathering different bits of information and you’re in a position to […]

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Weird Shift Going on with Data Reputation

There’s an odd thing happening with data.  I say “odd” but really it’s expected I suppose with the privacy concerns, privacy mandates and wild-wild-west of managing information that we’re all facing right now.  With so many new regulations, so many new expectations, and so much fear about data mis-use, I suppose it’s probably to be expected.   Essentially, when I talk […]