Join the community and become an exhibitor for the Spring 2018 Conference!

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What does being a Virtual Conference Exhibitor mean?

Your business is great - as you know - but others should learn more about you too! We'll help you spread your message with just a few easy steps. 

You'll be able to host a virtual booth inside of the conference. This means you'll have several pages dedicated to your business in the exhibition hall. You can have short videos discussing your products and/or services, downloadable documents, and a chat where you can talk with attendees about what you can offer them. 

You'll also be able to give us a 20-40 minute session about your business. Attendees can watch this and we'll include buttons inside the session room to take them to your booth, website, and to contact you. This is a great way to educate people on your business, whether you're well-known or brand new to the scene. 

You can also submit a 45 minute session on an industry topic that you love. If you want to do this, there are even more perks we can offer you - just contact us and let us know you're interested!

As a community sponsor, you'll be able to reach a huge community of people looking for your products or services!