How to Overcome Nervousness of Public Speaking of Attending Networking Events Part 2

How to overcome nervousness of public speaking of attending networking events

Part 2

Career Management Series

By Laura Lee Rose

Hello, this is Laura Lee Rose – author of TimePeace: Making peace with time – and I am a business and efficiency coach that specializes in time management, project management and work-life balance strategies. I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs create effective systems so that they can comfortably delegate to others, be more profitable and have time to enjoy life even if they don’t have time to learn new technology or train their staff. I have a knack for taking big ideas and converting them into smart, sound, and actionable ideas.

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This question came from a busy professional:

How do you overcome nervousness of public speaking or attending networking events?

I’ve heard "practice, practice, practice" several times. However, I still get anxious when I have an obligation to attend an event. I’d rather avoid them. I know talking to people is important for my brand, do you have any tips to help overcome this faster?

This is a great question because many people have the same fear of public speaking. Let’s break this into two separate areas:

· Speaking one-to-one (as in networking events)

· Speaking one-to-many (speaking engagements)


In Part 1 of this article, we covered the One-to-One aspect of attending networking events.

Today we will cover the One-to-Many

On- to-Many

As we rise up the corporate ladder, public speaking (whether in the form of presentations, proposals or seminars) becomes a large part of our advancement. It helps us build our reputation, credentials and professionalism. As our career develops, our professionalism and talent needs to become more public; therefore, public speaking will become a part of the job.
Even though public speaking is important to any career advancement, many are uncomfortable in front on an audience.

Here are 7 tips to help us on that journey.

1) Consider ToastMasters to improve your public speaking. It’s an unintimidating environment filled with people with the same goals.

2) Talk about things you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Everyone is excited to talk about their passions and experiences.

3) Practice, practice, practice. Take every opportunity to stretch yourself. At every interaction, make it a goal to tell one story to a stranger or group (just one story). Setup an audio or blogtalk radio show that you facilitate on your favorite topic or hobby. Use this opportunity to be the interviewer of an important guest. Think of other fun ways to practice.

4) Think positive. Visualize the speech several times before you actually make it. Screenplay it exactly has you want it to go. Don’t think of it as public speaking. Think of it as merely telling a story, providing friends with information, or leading a group of like-minded people.

5) Realize that most people are on your side. Everyone understands how difficult it is to speak in front of groups. They appreciate what it takes to get up there and want you to succeed. The people in the audience already agree with your goal and are interested in the topic. If they were not interested in your topic, they would be not wasting their time listening to discussions on that topic.

6) Another thing that helps is to use your speech to speak well of someone else. Sometimes it is easier to speak of someone else’s’ endeavors and accomplishments because you are placing the spotlight on them (instead of on yourself).

7) Use a familiar prop. Sometimes a prop helps with nerves because some of your attention is focused away from the audience and onto the prop. Creating "how to" speeches or presentation is an easy way for introverts to ease into public speaking. Make sure you really know "how to do” that item

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