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How do successful people spend the first hour of their day?

Hello, this is Laura Lee Rose – author of the business and time management books TimePeace: Making peace with time – the The Book of Answers: 105 Career Critical Situations – and I am a business and efficiency coach that specializes in time management, project management and work-life balance strategies.

A busy professional has this question regarding time management:

How do successful people spend the first hour of their day?

I don’t think I am the most efficient person with my time. I have been trying a few different things to better manage my time and segment my day to have work time and personal time. However, I haven’t found a great system yet. I am particularly curious how others kick their day off. I tend to think that starting off right can help set you up for a successful day and would like to hear what has worked for others.

Every successful person will have their own system. And I believe that the best system is the one that works best for you.

Start the evening before

For myself – I feel that the best way to start your day is actually the night before. At the end of the day, review what you want to accomplish the next day. Most mornings are hectic, so even take a few moments to layout the appropriate items the night before (if appropriate).

For example:

Evening before

· Before you leave the office, check your calendar of events for the following day. Make sure you are properly prepared for the tomorrow’s activities. Verify that you have the proper support to accomplish what you need tomorrow.

o This may include

§ making confirmation calls to verify client/employee attendance at meetings,

§ employee ready for their presentations or status reports

§ verifying deliveries on target for tomorrow

· When you arrive home that evening, decide tomorrow’s wardrobe and make sure it’s clean and wrinkle-free.

· If you pack your lunch, prepare it the evening before.

· If you normally eat out – make sure your calendar has your lunch time blocked off; so that you have the time to get lunch.

· If tomorrow is “trash-day” – take out the trash the night before

· Verify that you have focused on your child’s school needs – like:

o Homework signed

o Class permission slips signed

o Special materials purchased and already packed in their backpack, etc

o Re-affirm that your child has told you everything that he/she needs for their successful tomorrow

§ You can do this by asking them how today went and how he/she sees tomorrow going for them.

§ When he/she reviews the day and what tomorrow will bring – this will refresh his memory on things that he had forgotten

· Verify that you have focused on your spouse’s need for tomorrow

o Ask him/her what is on his/her plate for tomorrow

o Ask him/her to share how they see their tomorrow flowing

o Verify if there’s anything he/she can do tonight to make tomorrow go smoother

· Before you sleep, visualize how you really want the next day to flow; visualize you accomplishing the next day’s goals; and clearly articulate your intentions for the next day.

· Before you sleep, review what went well today and fully appreciate everything you accomplished today. And appreciate everyone that helped you accomplish your goals.

· Then get a good night sleep!


· Wake up refreshed and stay in bed for a few moments to appreciate the day ahead

· Visualize how you really want the day to flow

· Enjoy and appreciate your morning rituals of preparing for the day

· Enjoy and appreciate your family as they start their day

· Leave in plenty of time to arrive at your workplace with calm and ease

Since you have already lined-up and prepared much of the materials or items for this morning, the morning is already pre-paved for smooth execution. Since you spent some time in appreciation and calm, the day will continue to flow in that same fashion.

Note: If you start the day frazzled, the rest of the day will flow in that same fashion unless you do something deliberate to break the trend. If you would like some tips on how to break that cycle, just give me a holler.

Hope this helps a little.

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