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What is the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

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A busy professional asks a question regarding sales and marketing:

What is the difference between Sales and Marketing?

I want to know the basic difference between Sales and Marketing?


Marketing is what gives you exposure in the market place. Its purpose is to gain favorable attention, to educate and persuade people to contact your business.

Things that fall into marketing can be traditional and digital marketing strategies. The traditional marketing strategies include magazines, brochures, billboards, radio, TV, post cards and mailings.

Digital marketing strategies include social media posts, websites, blogs, videos, live-streaming podcasts, speaking events, customer appreciation events, experiential events, etc.

Marketing talent is often paid by salary.


Sales is the personal communication, answering the phone, talking about what the prospect has learned from your marketing and continuing the education about the value your business gives in providing your product/service.

Sales strategies include both internal and external sales. Internal sales include making cold calls, answering the phone, making discovery appointments, and sending out additional educational materials.

External sales include attending business networking events, ribbon cuttings, knocking on doors, etc.

Sales are the expected result of marketing but it takes time to convert a “lead” (someone that has expressed interest in the topic) into a sale (someone that is willing to actually purchase your product/service for the price you want).

Sales talent is often paid by commission.

How Sales and Marketing work together

The quality of leads to your business is determined by your marketing, as it needs to pre-sell people. Sales conversion rates from discussion to sale are measuring both the marketing effectiveness and the salespeople. If your marketing is poor quality you’ll attract people who talk about price, as they see no difference in what you offer compared to your competitors. This means your conversion rates from sales will be low.

Sales and marketing both need to work together to be able to sell more, at higher or full price. When you do this with expertise you can raise your prices 20-40% and convert more leads into sales. It takes intensive, high level training but it’s very achievable. Then your sales and marketing creates big profit margins.

After the sale

You can see that it’s critical to keep your sales talent pounding the pavement. Therefore, after the sale, the clients are often handed off to Account Managers. Account Managers support the sales staff, by continuing to build that client relationship while the sales talent scouts for new clients and markets.

Bottom line:

The real difference comes down to Marketing being the understanding of those who would buy your product and the communication to that audience in general about the products features, advantage, brand etc. Sales is then converting that message into a direct contact with an individual and having them or their business purchase that product.

Hope this helps a little.

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