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10 Things You Can Do to Create Traffic to Your Website (Part 2)

This question came from a professional. Who can help me create traffic to my website? I need someone to help me with marketing my website. I have a website designer who is working for me but looking for more advise or recommendations. This is a continuation from the initial 10 Things you can do to create traffic to your website...

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Subqueries in LINQ

(Peter Vogel) When I’m doing batch processing against a database, I use ADO.NET and SQL. But, when I’m creating an online, transactional application, I use Entity Framework (which you can think of as a wrapper around ADO.NET) and LINQ.


Refresh SQL Modules

(Jason Brimhall) As is true in most facets of life, things tend to get stale and old. Sometimes this staleness can be visibly represented as the wrinkles on your face. Other times, as with SQL Server, it may mean that a stored procedure or view stops working.