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XML-ify your stored procedures

by Jimmy Nilsson – Not all of the XML support in SQL Server 2000 is useful in real world applications in my opinion. I’m thinking of the possibility to send queries to SQL Server by HTTP and receive the answer as XML documents. The security problems with that seem to be huge in the current version.


A Path to Enlightenment

by Leigh Dodds – XML-DEV has been busy recently with a number of long running threads drawing in some interesting postings. The underlying theme has been general orientation on how best to understand and come to terms with particular technologies, ranging from Schemas to Web Services. This week the


The Practical SQL Handbook

If you are like most visitors to this website, you have a strong interest in SQL Server, and most likely, Transact-SQL. As you probably know, Transact-SQL is a superset of the ANSI SQL standard. Code written in ANSI SQL will run under SQL Server, and on any relational database that also supports ANS