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Simple Object Access Protocol is one of the neatest XML based technologies to be introduced as of late, yet many people are still trying to get a handle on all of the new terms and acronyms that SOAP has uncovered. This article is written to help you dig through the SOAP soup we have in front of us


Going to Extremes

GCA's Extreme Markup Languages 2000, held in August in Montreal, was billed as "not frisbee, not skateboarding, not lounging — just no-holds-barred tech talk," and so it was. It was the kind of conference where the code and ideas presented in the sessions were light years ahead of any c


XLink: An Introductory Example

Before we start to dissect the structure of XLink, let's examine a concrete example. Suppose you want to express in XML the relationship between artists and their environment. This includes making links from an artist to his/her influences, as well as links to descriptions of historical events