Want to speak at SSWUG.org's Spring 2018 Virtual Conference?

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What does being a SSWUG.org Conference Speaker mean?

You have an industry topic you love to talk about and want to teach other people about - great! This is the perfect platform to do it. As a speaker for the conference, you'll have the opportunity to submit one or two 45-minute sessions on a topic about which you're passionate and knowledgeable.

We'll help you out with everything - including providing you with recording software and a slide deck theme so you'll be able to create your session. We have a short document that will tell you everything about presenting, including tips and tricks for the recording itself and slides. 

In the event, your session will play alongside many industry leaders' and SSWUG.org members and many others will attend. During your session, there is a chatroom where you'll be able to answer questions live while attendees watch your recording - giving them and you more time to discuss the topic far better than you'd be able to if you presented your session live (like at an in-person event). This gives you an opportunity to teach more and have great discussions about the topic. 

After the conference ends, your session will be uploaded to our site where our members can watch at any time!