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The DBA Code of Ethics

In April of 2006, we worked out a code of ethics for DBAs.  I wanted to post it here and get your feedback.  I think it pertains fairly well, even after more than 11 years.  What would you add or change?

This cannot happen in a vacuum though. It takes your feedback, your comments. I’ll do my best to pull things together, but we need to have discussions and thought going into what makes up a responsible code of ethics for the DBA profession.

Getting Started
I think a “code of ethics” exists to help guide “what’s next” when you look at your position dealing with databases. This includes task-based things – what tasks do I do next to support the data systems. It also includes doing what’s next when problems arise.

Here’s a first pass at how we might be able to structure this. I think we have three different things we’re responsible for. No order to these headings or the items within them at this point.

Responsibilities to the Company
– Be aware of and up to date on regulations that impact data systems.
– Keep the company advised of all issues, honestly, openly and without unneeded drama.
– Provide complete information with all facts available.
– Provide the best possible security for all data systems.
– Provide a recoverable environment, with a recovery plan and awareness of how to execute on that plan.
– No silos – avoid segregating knowledge about your systems, techniques.

Responsibilities to One’s Self
– Stay up to date on industry happenings.
– Stay up to date on regulation and other non-technology things that touch data systems.
– Continue to learn new techniques, new tools, understand best practices.
– Strive to constantly be tuning and improving approaches and procedures to existing processes.

Responsibilities to Co-Workers
– Be honest in all dealings with co-workers.
– Protect co-workers from data systems.
– Share, teach and help grow the collective knowledge base.

So there you have it – what needs to be updated?