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The Importance of Baselines

(Tim Radney) As a consultant working with SQL Server, many times I’m asked to look at a server that seems like it’s having performance issues. While performing triage on the server, I ask certain questions, such as: what is your normal CPU utilization, what are your average disk latencies, what is y


What Happened to My Database?

(Bert Scalzo) Every DBA has at some point asked: “What the heck happened to my database?” In this blog, we’ll review some of the more common scenarios where some little detail slips through the proverbial crack and that often results in some kind of database anomaly which momentarily raises tensions


Change Data Capture

(Jack Vamvas) There’s a number of things to consider in deciding on Change Data Capture (CDC) and deciding on the ideal use cases for CDC is very much dependant on the specific requirements. So it is important to understand in detail the project requirements.