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The Great Hack, The Creepy Line, and Our Job

These are some really intriguing movies (Netflix, etc.) – they’re finally talking about data, data use, data ownership, privacy, customization (sort of) and all sorts of things that have significant implications on our career ethics and responsibilities. When you watch these, they can quickly lead to a rabbit hole of TED talks, blog posts and more. Probably result in some […]


Is it possible to have a secure system?

Spoiler alert: I don’t think so. If someone wants your information badly enough, and they have sufficient resources to spend on getting into your system, I think they’ll probably succeed.  Personally, I can’t foresee a day where we have all possible vulnerabilities blocked and accounted for – just as a matter of course. I found an interesting post about this […]



Intel CPUs have a proprietary operating system built into the chip in recent years. This OS is based on the open systems MINIX version of Linux, and is embedded in the CPU, where you have zero interaction or access. What is it doing, and why should you care? The purpose of the MINIX OS on the Intel CPU is to […]


Who Is Responsible for Security

Let’s face it. We work in a very Security conscience world. However, I am not sure that is the same thing as awareness. Phishing is a very popular method for hacking into a system today. In fact, I read an article where North Korea was trying to break into the United States of America electrical grid through phishing attacks. It’s […]


Database Connection Encryption

A high priority for developers working with SQL data stores is to establish a way to access our Database without exposing our credentials. We want to protect our application from Hackers and hide the methods to establish a connection… This can be a bit of a problem with the most common method of establishing a database connection for our application […]