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The Self-Taught DBA

by Brad M. McGehee – So what options does an intelligent individual, such as yourself, have if you want to become a DBA (or to become a master DBA, if you are already a newbie DBA)? If you can’t get the training you really need from classes, where do you turn? If you are like most DBAs I


SQL Server Fast Facts

Discover the information you need to evaluate SQL Server based on its performance, scalability, reliability, market momentum, cost of ownership, and ease of use, from the industry's leading sources. You will also find a list of reference links that will provide quick access to statistics, benchm


VB 6.0 vs. VB.NET

By Michael Otey – I have an opinion about nearly everything, but I'm on the fence about Visual Basic (VB) 6.0 versus VB.NET. Microsoft and the VB.NET proponents claim that VB.NET is the next evolutionary step for VB—finally bringing to VB some of the advanced features that other languages have e