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With speakers from all over the world with backgrounds in various technologies, our selection of session are vetted carefully for originality and relevance to bring the highest quality event possible to you, our audience.  

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To keep on top of the changes in technology and the industry, attending classes, conferences, and webcasts has become a necessity. puts together two conferences a year to help you get all that information in one place - allowing you to stay sharp and still have time to do your work. (Thanks, boss!)

Sessions so far...

6/27/2018 12:00 PM -to- 1:00 PM  

Tips and Tactics for a Better Salary Laura Rose  

Digital transformation using Gamification and Artificial Intelligence Nicolas Babin 

Digital transformation or how companies need to change from selling boxes to selling solutions. All companies’ departments need to be involved in a mindset change. From HR to Finance, from Sales to Marketing, from customer support to administration. Combining the transformation with the help of gamification will ensure engagement, success and fun for all. People do not like changes so if you make it fun, you will get better response and a much more productive activity.  

Finally, adding AI to new processes would ensure that mundane jobs can turn into interesting tasks as long as employers invest in employee development. The talk will cover all these subjects in more details but also in looking at the big picture.

New features in EF Core 2.1 Joydip Kanjilal  

Entity Framework is an ORM from Microsoft that can work in the managed environment and helps you tie together the data in your database with the objects in your application, by abstracting the object model of an application from its relational or logical model. Microsoft's .NET Core is a new cross-platform, open source, lean and modular .NET stack from Microsoft that can support many different platforms, i.e., Windows, Mac and Linux. EF Core is the version of Entity Framework that can run on .NET Core. EF Core 2.1 includes many few features / enhancements. These include the following:  

Lazy loading Parameters in entity constructors Value conversions LINQ GroupBy translation Data Seeding Query types Include for derived types System.Transactions support  

This session presents a discussion on .NET Core, EF Core and its benefits and then presents a discussion on the new features in EF Core 2.1.  

How to Realize the Value of Metadata Matthew Turner  

Metadata has the potential to impact nearly every part of your enterprise. From helping you connect data across business processes to holding the key to your most valuable assets, this underdog data is finally getting the attention it deserves.  

But most organizations have only begun to focus on this valuable data and, according to a study from Dataversity, a quarter have no metadata strategy at all.  

What might be holding organizations back is that metadata is notoriously sneaky data to manage, and it is even more difficult to put into action using traditional relational database technology.  

This webinar will look at the critical importance of metadata and highlight mission critical metadata apps that have taken a new approach to delivering on the value of metadata.  

Organizations including commercial entities, intelligence agencies, and some of your favorite entertainment companies have used this approach and made good on the promise of metadata.  

This webinar will cover how you too can make metadata the hero in your organization.

Handling DevOPs challenges Joydip Kanjilal  

DevOps is a paradigm shift – a new collaborative culture that companies can take advantage of to reduce costs and increase productivity. In other words, DevOps is a cultural, process, and an organizational shift and embracing this change will need a strong leadership in any organization. This session takes a look at what DevOps culture is all about, why it is useful and then presents a discussion on the challenges faced in DevOps and the strategies on handling such challenges effectively.  

Adrian Chodkowski

For most business users and developers, Power BI is a great tool for data visualization with efficient tabular engine under the hood. For even more people, this software is a crucial part for every implementation of Data Warehouse and Analysis Services. However, that's not all! Power BI gives us great opportunity to process data and build our own ETL flows without external components such as Integration Services or Data Factory. During the session I will present what kind of transformations can be done in Power BI using the graphical interface and Power Query Formula Language.

New features in ASP.NET Core 2.1 Joydip Kanjilal  

Microsoft's .NET Core is a new cross-platform, open source, lean and modular .NET stack from Microsoft that can support many different platforms, i.e., Windows, Mac and Linux. ASP.NET Core is the web technology from the software giant that runs on .NET Core platform. This session presents a discussion on .NET Core and its features and then presents a discussion on the new features and enhancements in ASP.NET Core 2.1. Such enhancements / new features include the following:  

Support for WebHooks and SignalR UI as a library Support for IHttpClientFactory Simplified scale-out model Support for compact binary protocol based on MessagePack Rich Swagger support Enhanced support for security Support for .NET Core Module 

The Evolution of Tech Communities Louis Cadier 

PURPOSE: A guide through the history of tech communities from dial up BBS up to today’s social networks and looking forward to future communication methods METHODS: Internet research, library research and vetting the collected info using on-line communities RESULTS: An engaging story of how computer networking gave birth to tech communities CONCLUSION: A projection of how new technologies will facilitate new communities